(RESOLVED)Issues with Chat

I play on the iPhone with the most recent version. When I try to close the chat window once it’s open, the “X” goes away but the chat window does not. I can also move the map and click on things that appear to be behind the window. Like it’s not registering that the chat window is open. I have to reset the app to get it to go away.

I’ve had this issue for months and brought it up previously before the bug report changes but nothing has changed.

I’m not on Steam so can’t post screenshots, but it sounds like your Inactive Chat Fader is not all the way to left. You can click on that question mark in the upper left while you have the chat window up to get a better explanation and pictures.

Excellent. Thank you. Not sure why they couldn’t have told me that months ago when I asked the same question. It worked.

Who did you ask @CaptJack? There’s a “?” button in the chat window which will link you to this and it outlines what Dorgath mentioned:

I am glad you got it sorted!