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Chat window broken

**Platform, device version and operating
iPhone 5s, iOS 11.2.6


When I open my chat box window everything is fine but when I close it I am left with a transparent chat box! I can still play the game and the chat box does not affect the gameplay but it is unsightly. It disappears only in loading screens but re appears in actual matches.

It started just under a week a go, about 4-5 days and it happens every single time I open and try to close the chat window.

This happens every time even if I reboot my game or phone.

I just want there to be no transparent box when I play the game.

turn off transparency in chat settings



There’s an article on this here too:

p.s @nav037 mind if I use your GIF in there as well? :slight_smile:

yes no problem, indicate still the corner, for which you can stretch the chat window, not everyone knows that you can pull for it

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