Changing General

Are there any way to change general in a guild?
I know that it’s possibly by kicking general by himself. Unfortunately that solution limited new generał choose to the highest level player.

The guild leader has to promote the person who has/wants to be in charge. Nobody has to be kicked. But it’s almost impossible to get rid of a guild leader if he/she doesn’t want that.
In that case you have to adress a ticket to the devs, I guess.

There’s a mechanism for replacing an inactive guild leader:

But if your guild leader is active and is not willing to relinquish the role voluntarily – no, there’s not a way to perform a coup against them. The usual recourse here is for the dissatisfied guild members to leave and join (or form) a new guild.

Don’t know if/how much they intervene in routine guild dramas, though? but if your GL is behaving inappropriately/against the rules then yes.

I am general. I became him “temporary” in place of previous inactive general. Some players defintely deserve to be leader more than me. I’m thinking that I need a successor.

As Guild Leader you still have the ability to leave the Guild yourself (under “Guild Admin”), but I don’t think you can necessarily appoint someone specific to take over as Leader afterwards.

The “rule of thumb” is that the highest-ranking active player (usually but not strictly the Guild Leader) always has the ability to manage other members (promote/demote/kick) because that is a necessity of the Guild itself.

You can demote yourself one rank and then promote your chosen leader to the top spot

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After demoting myself, I should have the highest level in a guild to choose new general, shouldn’t I?
Currently I am 3th or 4th in level guild rank.

I’m not 100% sure about, but I guess the guild leader has to promote the player who shall become the next leader, isn’t it that way?

I have option to demote myself. Option to promote any Colonel to General is inactive (in grey as demoting Privates).

I would have thought so as well as that’s how it works in other games. But nope. :sweat_smile:

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You cannot promote someone in to the highest rank until you demote yourself to the next highest rank.
I did it years ago, I assume it still works that way.

As a general rule, the highest ranking active players in a Guild have the ability to promote/demote/kick other inactive players.


So yes, if you want to make someone else leader, demote yourself - now, anyone rank 2 in the guild can promote someone to leader, so just pick the new leader and promote them.

It’s been a while for me as well, but that’s how I handed my guild off a year or so ago :slight_smile:

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