How do I promote a specific member to take over as Guild Leader?

Hello everyone,

I have enjoyed GOW for almost a decade now but I don’t have the time required anymore to lead my guild efficiently. We have an amazing member who is active in all aspects who has agreed to take over. How can I make sure the guild goes to this member? I am only seeing the option to “demote” myself, but how do I know where the power goes after that?

Promote them as high as they can go if they aren’t already.

Demote yourself 1x

Promote them 1 more time

The power, for that moment, is in the hands of all rank 2s. If you want to keep it secure, demote everybody to rank 3, except for the new GM before demoting yourself.


Thank you so much! I was thinking the best way to do it would be to demote everyone but that one person but wanted to make sure that was the only way before I did. It would be so much easier if there was just a “promote” button for me as well. I appreciate it!