Guildmaster question

I have recently stepped in to lead my Guild while our guild master attends to some other business.

I have a guild member who says they are frequently being demoted in rank even though they are meeting our minimums. Our guild master never demoted them and I don’t even know how the whole rank thing even works, so it wasn’t me.

So my question is this: Is there some automatic mechanism that ranks guild members or is it completely manual? Because I can’t for the life of me figure out how this is happening and more importantly, I don’t know how to keep it from happening again.

Sorry to tell you, but promoting and relegate members of the guild is completely manual. :frowning:
Looks like you got a bug of some sorts when the leader position got changed tho…

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Do all new recruits come in at the lowest rank? Because we have a lot of turnover.

Yes, all new members come into the guild at the lowest rank. It’s up to the GM or designee to promote or demote.

Okay then it has to be a bug. Doesn’t look like I have to worry about it happening again.

Yeah, only the Guild Master (rank 1) can demote and kick but anyone rank 2 (or higher) can promote players. Is it possible someone was promoting them when they shouldn’t have been promoted so your GM was demoting them back down to the rank they were supposed to be at?

If not that, then I would agree it’s probably a bug.

Also maybe someone from rank 2 doesn’t like that member so he/she is demoting them?

According to @ogunther only the Guild Master can demote.

If someone of rank 2 can do it, I probably know what happened.

It appears it is GM only?


I’m technically rank 2 in my guild (my wife is the real Guild Master, don’t tell her I’ve been claiming the throne!) and I can’t demote. I’m assuming all guilds are the same (plus on the little guild graphic it shows only Guild Masters have that ability).

Edit: And @Ozball beat me to it :smiley:

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Then it has to be a bug related to the time when we transferred the guild master title.

Just out of curiosity, how do you change Guild Masters? I’ve seen a few guesses posted but never confirmation.

I don’t know actually. He asked me if I’d do it while he was on holiday. I said I would and the next day when I logged in, I was Guild Master.

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The mystery continues!

You write to devs and they switch it :slight_smile:
As for rank 2 not being able to demote, thats funny and i didnt expect that.

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So, technically, your wife’s the only one who can demote and who is the GM. Why haven’t you and her talked about changing this so that you are the Rank 1 of your Guild? Does she not play often enough to do the GMing?

True, the GM can only demote, but I wonder if perhaps there had/has been a promotion issue like what was explained above, whereby someone keeps promoting the person in error?

Just my thinking.

No, she’s the does the demoting/kicking or if she can’t I just grab her phone and do it. It doesn’t really cause an issue for us. :slight_smile:

Guild Master demotes self to Sentinel. They will still have the ability to promote, so then they just promote someone else who is a Sentinel. That other player becomes Guild Master.


What SirCookie said. I’ve done it myself a couple of times.

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