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Changing arena gameplay

I never play arena find it somewhat boring, I’ll play treasure hunt before arena any day, I think I would enjoy arena if developers was to change the style of play, throw a delve like twist to it, allow player to choose their team and once they start arena battles if player wins first battle they move onto the next and developers could either make gameplay to where second battle player starts with team in same conditions team was in at end of first battle for example “first slot took 40 damage in first battle and starts second with 40 damage missing” or just run arena battles like delves start each battle with regular stats just don’t loss hero or creatures in battles before and if they do they lose a team slot for next battle and as far as rewards go developers give them 3 creature cards to choose from and make each creature that can be chosen the difficulty level of the arena, hence win all battles and receive the chosen creature from start. I really enjoy the game a lot, I just think there’s so much more that could be put into it.

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Arena is due for an update Soon™. We don’t know when yet, but the devs are supposed to be working on it.


New on here and did not know how to search to well and GOW player for just over a year now so that’s very good to know thanks

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They said this years ago and we still waiting. Soon is very unlikely let’s be honest

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Soon is a relative term, like “We’ll see” or “Maybe later”. :smile: