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The future we want for Arena

First of all, maybe some of the present suggestions were already voiced, but since I’m not a frequent visitor of the forums anymore you, the reader, may have to excuse me.

While thinking about the new structure of events I wondered what could possibly be done to Arena since it’s due to some rework in the future. And one of the MAIN gripes players have with ALL events in GoW right now is how the rewards are not only meager, mostly useless or simply not worth all the “mu$cle” work needed to get it.

So, would it do any favor to the game, and the players, if Arena falls in line with such rewards structure? I don’t believe so, and for that my main suggestion is that the new Arena shouldn’t be a single type of event, but instead a series of multiple mini-events the players could choose to participate.

We have daily adventures offering this in a rather… annoying (to put it lightly) way. All because you can’t really choose what will be offered to you. It’s all random and sometimes the best reward I can get out of it is two points of class XP on such battles.

My proposition is that Arena should be open everyday with a few battles/tournments for certain rewards, such as: Gold, Souls, Gold Keys and other minor resources players in earlier stages might need. Such small competitions would be free for all as long as you pay the entry fee. Just like the regular Arena.

Some battles/tournments would have more advanced/better rewards, but they would be limited to be played only a limited number of times a day. Maybe 1~3 times depending of the rewards. Such advanced battles could also feature a pool of cards with higher rarities than what we usually have in the current arena. And it would be good to have a mechanic allowing us to unlock some traits os the troops we pick.
Example: We start being able to unlock three traits of our choice in our team, after each battle (winning or losing) we can unlock another trait and keep progressing until the end of it.

The rewards could be any number of things intermediary up to veteran players need: Pet Foods, Shards from Soulforge, Deeds, Writs, Chaos Shards, Gem Keys… As long as we have the choice to enter the competition with the kind of rewards WE WANT this would be a huge improvement on the player’s experience.

I’m not saying the devs should invest in a game mode that can’t be monetized in any way. I’m trying to suggest a proper way to monetize and create resources sinks that will attract players with proper incentives and a provide a challenging and fun experience.

Maybe offer only one free Ticket for one of these advanced battles/tournments, further participation should cost gems. Maybe Vips of a certain level should get one extra Ticket everyday.

Important feature/mechanic: Allow the players to choose how long their tournment should be. We have too many things happening EVERYDAY in the game, some stuff we can’t simply ignore, specially for our guildmate’s sake, so if we could have an option to play a “Best of Three” kind of competition with a cheaper entry fee, but also fewer battles and rewards, it would be great! In the same vein, we should be able to choose a longer, and more profitable, kind of tournment/sequence of battles against more teams.

More things to be done: Weekly Arena event. During such weeks you face off against a group of X players/battles, if you win you advance for the next day and can pick more/new troops for your pool and unlock a few traits (like I suggested previously).
The final of the event would be on Saturday or Sunday featuring a leaderboard for the best finalists. Put nice rewards on the finals, add some exclusive decorative stuff for bragging rights or whatever.

Of course, people are encouraged to make their own suggestions here for what they would like to see in the new Arena.

Arena’s where I fill in my trophies if I’m short for the week, if they change that I’m probably done. I miss the seals bonus.

I would like them to do something new with arena, possibly still being able to play the way it is now for the ones that are happy with it, with a new extra mode for players wanting something new

To be honest, I am kind of relieved, that there is at least one thing in this game, that’s so downright pointless, I can ignore it in good conscience. There’s so many hours to be dumped into the game every week, that it is already far beyond my limit of enjoyment as it is. If the arena becomes important to do again suddenly, I would have a hard time to feel good about it.


I feel you, in the sense that there is too much to do just to win a few useful things among tons of useless stuff past a certain point in the game. With better targeted rewards in different kinds of battle/tournments like I propposed you, and anyone else for that matter, could just as well ignore most of it and focus a bit on stuff you still need.

You don’t play Invasion, for example, to win souls and gold. So why fill the reward tiers with it just for the sake of adding stuff trying to justify high prices for the seals and copies of a troop?

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Put class XP back in. Even 1xp is fine. Only event that uses hero & has no class XP.


They can make as many changes as they like with arena ,but if it still doesn’t give hero class xp then I still won’t play it. I stopped playing it completely when they took that out of arena. It made no sense b/c you are forced to use the hero

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