Rework on Arena

I would think if dev set different arena entrances with different rules would be easiest rework. This could use the existed Arena framework but make it multiple mini-game which have different taste for players.
Some of rules for different arena entrances:

Remove Hero from Arena (Because weapon is OP),
Allow select banner.
Unlock all troop traits (all troop have traites unlock no matter you have upgrade their trait or not)
Adding a legendary troop option.

This would make game back to its fun mode.

And also make 200+ gem to buy Arena troop option reasonable. ( Who will even bother use this option…)

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In order:

Why remove the hero? It’s always first, and always part of it. You know at least something about what you are dealing with.
Now this I have to agree with. Banner selection would be a plus.
Nope. Just nope. Too much advantage for higher level players. Vanilla troops work great.
Ummmmmm, yeah this could work if both sides had a legendary. Could also make curb stomping losses much more likely if you get a bad legendary draw.

I actually win most of my arena runs perfectly because of my hero, if they remove it i would be a sad sad panda lol

The hero is ok but the weapon is OP. When using Ruin Blade. DB, it make Arena troop less attractive and make the fight pale. Of course you can choose not using them but you get disadvantage when opponent use Ruin Blade,(DB is not allowed in opponent side,) the OP weapon make highly guarantee win which is not that fun.

That’s Arena, it mean to be powerful, challenge, risky. Enable trait not only make the those low rank troop fun but also make new player see the power of trait. Make them more motivate to farm stone…

Of course you don’t need to all agree with me. But welcome to discuss. Because it mostly won’t happen… :slight_smile:

I would not mind the hero being removed. Hero weapons have become far too diverse in power.

I would not mind an arena draft consisting of common, uncommon, rare, epic. Legendary troops are too ‘make or break’. Getting a bad one would be devastating.

Gem costs definitely need a rework. If a new player bought the troops not knowing better, they would be livid later. I cannot imagine anyone else is buying them.

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For such amount of gem, one can get far better reward in gem chest. That why I called it a scam LOL.

You’re asking for PvP. More specifically, a PvP that lets you use powerful troops vs. a handicapped opponent. That’s probably what “Casual” should be in PvP, but it isn’t.

I feel like “the point” of Arena is twofold:

  • Give new players who can’t have fun in PvP a place where they can get comparable gold/soul rewards.
  • Hardcore trophy farming for players with Dawnbringer.

For every other use, it’s better to be in PvP, Explore, or Challenges.

Sorry, there is nothing about PVP. Don’t get wrong. What I thought Arena is to have a chance to use troop that never used.

“Try troops I don’t have” is only part of the Arena experience.

It also, by design, forces both players’ troops to be level 15, have no traits, and isn’t supposed to allow guild/level bonuses to come into play.

The majority of Arena’s design is oriented to put a level 1000 player and a level 10 player on an “even” playing field. It contradicts itself by allowing level 1000 players to use much more powerful hero weapons, but other than that this is the point of Arena.

Try troop don’t have, guild bounce… Where these things come? No one even mentioned in the topic…

Take off the weapon is the only related discussion…

Seems like you are talking yours and I talking mine… Looks we both type a lot but hardly related. :smile:


Yeah, I wonder where I got the idea someone said that.

Oh man, troop never used and troop don’t have are so much different. You are cute :wink:

I would love an arena rework.

I think Hero or not, adding all the troops, and getting a random from the first 4 rarity

I would think if dev set different arena entrances with different rules would be easiest rework. This could use the existed Arena framework but make it multiple mini-game which have different taste for the picky player like us :smile:

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That would be fine with me :smiley: I think they could do that pretty easy if they wanted.

If the hero is removed, I won’t get class points for arena battles. I don’t think that’s a good trade off.


I see no reason to remove the hero because most of him is neutered since extra bonuses, traits and talents aren’t usable in that mode. Although I’d personally benefit from enabling traits because I’m level 1,240+, this would severely widen the competitive gap for new players. They are the ones that won’t have most arena troops traited.

I do think we should be able to pick a banner since that is an important aspect of strategy. Also, I think that they should allow you to see the full 9 troop lineup at once. This would give you the chance to actually use your team building skills to make a team with some synergy. Arena should be a mode that allows players to be free of the meta and get to focus on team building and strategy.


This is actually a feature I can stand behind. Being able to test a troop out in a no/low rewards scenario would be nice. Really early in the game it can set you back pretty far if you spend a lot of souls on a troop and can’t use it, and farming traitstones is slow.

You can express that I’m on a different page without being antagonizing, though. Bad form.

Wow. Weird how one rude uncalled for comment makes me leave your thread. I’ll leave you in peace to contemplate arena.

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That’s make sense. It remembered me the early days as a new player to explore the game.