Changes that are needed and are really long over due

30,000 Guild Seal Tier needs to be added. Way over due.
-Tesla needs a buff. It is dreadfully outclassed my most other Legendary and Epic Troops. 2nd trait should be water link, 3rd trait should be 2 armor to all allies on 4 or 5 gem matches.
-Divine Ishbalaa needs a buff back up to 50%. With the nerf of Infernus yet again and taking off cleansing putting it at 40% was too much of a nerf. Why should Ishbalaa be the only 40% Legendary Troop? Makes no sense.
-An Epic troop needs to be created to bring a little balance with the game. Pride Guard hits based on all Ally Armor, I propose an equal troop that hits based on all Ally health.
-Faction pets need to get added back to rescues. They’re needed for the bonus to get to the end of delves. What’s the point of getting it after getting to the end?
-Dragons Eye needs a nerf. It makes PvP unbearably long and ridiculous, it only motivates me to turn off the game.
-Abynissia needs a buff, it does the same thing as Ragnarok except summons an Infernal King. Skadi does a lot more and summons a Queen Mab.
-Please add a cancel spell option.
-For more equality more weapon crushers like the Mountain Crusher should be added. Forest Crusher (green), Ocean Crusher (blue) etc for every color.
-Please add more common worms. There’s the blue and brown worms, will we get the 4 remaining colored worms?
-Maybe add a green color to the Roster screen for members who go over the requirements. There’s already red for being under requirements.

  • Please delete Souls and Diamonds from the Treasure Gnome drops.
    -Please fix the filter on the guild announcement it is overly sensitive. I can say 1 complete sentence in guild chat with zero *'s however I’ll say the same thing in the admin announcement and it will all be in *'s.
    -Please Re-word all troops with scatter and splash damage. It would really clean things up and make things less confusing. I.e. Infernus
    -The game is missing a troll. The Doom Troll to double doom skulls on the board. Again this is about balance, which every game needs to be great.
    -----Thank you for any consideration. I really need these requests and suggestions to be taken seriously.