Change Bounty

Please, I’m begging you, for the love of god, change how bounty works. I don’t think I can take another bounty event of playing the SAME TEAM OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER. And guess what? Once you are finally done and collect rewards NOW YOU GET TO PLAY IN YOUR DREAMS. It’s literally the most repetitive, boring, and just plain dumb game mode I think I have had to endure in any game to date (Note: I have not played a single arena event). If it wasn’t for the rewards I don’t think I would ever play this mode again.

I don’t know what the answer is to fix it, but, literally any solution where we don’t have to play the same team 50 times would be ideal. How about once you finish the first 20 battles, the last battle just gives you a random team?


Depending on how much you grind during vault events, it’s perfectly viable and reasonable to save gems, not buy tiers, use a hero, and just skip the last few orb rewards.

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One of my major gripes about the bounty event is that it’s literally the same fight repeatedly. Same enemies, same enemy level, just… another one, and another one. It’s not increasing in difficulty, so you aren’t changing anything on your end. This makes sense for EXPLORE mode… but for an event?


And just to make it worse they run it at the same time as Tower of Doom where guess what, we fight the same team over and over lol.
Saving grace I suppose is it’s gw week aswell so at least there we can fight a bunch of different and varied teams…:wink::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Hmmm. What if the very last fight went up in levels and score each time you completed it, similar to Raid Boss? Would that possibly make it more interesting? Players wanting to avoid the difficulty spike could keep playing encounter 19.

We would need some type of buff to compensate. The bounty troops in the game already take ages to beat level 20 compared to other events. I suspect that very early on you would have to switch to an irongut or zuul team which destroys your multiplier. At that point we are right back where we started, playing 19 over and over for even less points.

The base score would keep increasing, so you’d eventually end up getting more points, even when swapping in non-bounty troops. I actually do that already, even without the base score increasing. I buy tier 5, spend an ascension orb to mythic, play a few fights at full multiplier, add the hero to speed things up. Usually I’ve got several sigils left at the event of the event, I can’t possibly be coaxed into playing them, I’m only interested in unlocking all rewards. Anything that lets me get there faster would be neat. Heck, even some “Auto Battle” button that immediately wins the fight at half score would be a treat, it’s not like I’m going to lose anyway with my setup.

I play both the PS4 and Mobile versions of this game. 90% of the time both have the same players on the leader boards. Those are the people you’d have to get to agree with you that the bounty event needs changing.

just to make these faster, how about the new class you give the first trait of 6x bounty…that way you could replace one and use a fast weapon?

Agree; Bounty at the end, is mind numbing; when grinding for uncertain orb rewards . It is no fun it its current end game format. Needs a fix . A game mode shouldn’t insult player intelligence like Bounty does. Gems of Grind, not Gems of War, in this state. Remember weavergate.

Bounty isn’t THAT much grinding. OK, the fights aren’t really …uhm… challenging, but the work/time needed to earn 2 greater orbs is acceptable for me. It is tedious if you go only shop 4 and play without weapon, but speed-wise it is quite OK with shop 5 and weapon. You don’t even need to spend an orb with shop 5, a x22 modifier with shop 5 guarantees all rewards.

Compared to a delving weekend, bounty hunt is a snack before breakfast. I rather play 40-50 (?) games “same team vs. same team” than 300-400 (?) games “same team vs. 1 of 10 same teams”


It’s that time again! I’m 4 battles in and already bored. This event is torture.

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It is not worth the time to be rewarded with Orbs of GROWTH!!!

Happens to me every time.


I decided to skip bounty this time. Blue orbed the new troop to mythic :smiley:

Orbs are just a real Motivation until you have zuul.

Cursed runes and i would love to play this event, but never for orbs :joy:

Yeah - this event is a skip for me. Most of my kingdom upgrades are class level locked right now, so I’m fine picking up the new bounty troops out of gold chests when they become available.

… maybe I’ll pick up one just in case I want to orb it to mythic, but It’s a pretty hard pass on the event for me. :slight_smile:

If you truly don’t care about Bounty and just want to get some quick and easy class XP, you can always just use your free sigils to keep doing level 1 over and over with any speed team that includes your hero. Might as well take advantage of the 2 class XP per fight.


I only bought tier 2 myself, and that’s all the sigils I care to do. Used major blue on new Bounty troop. That will still be enough for reward 19 by Sunday (with x30 multiplier), assuming no Valravens escape. This event is too boring to do any more than that.

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GAP has rendered bounty rewards obsolete

It doesn’t take that long to get the decent rewards. Watch a show while you play.

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