Bounty Hunter Class

Hello there! I’m playing GoW for nearly 2 years now. And even though I love this game, one of the event provides much less fun than intended: Bounty Hunt. Even though it’s fun to test new Bounty Troops, sometimes this event becomes really boring and annoying in the end - replaying the same fight over and over, so many times… On the other hand - it allows players to reach too valuable Rewards to ignore Event, so once in a month we’re going through this special Love&Hate type of farming. So even though I wouldn’t ask you to lower Rewards, there’s fairly easy way to make it go faster:
Bounty Hunter class.
This simple solution with Trait that allows Hero to get additional multiplayer would allow all players to finish this event much faster, but since Hero seems to get Ascension levels on some milestones, it would prevent begginers from reaching too high-end Rewards too soon.
I would love to hear what you think about this, especially since there are a lot new activities to be done, for high level players (like farming Delves, Badges/Medals, Challenges…)


It sounds kind of interesting/fun, but the whole point of bounty hunts is that you have to use a small selection of troops with fairly limited power. Heroes have access to a ton of different weapons, adapting to each new battle would become easy and some weapons would be way too powerful for the intended game mode.

potions have ruined that already

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You do need to fork over gems for that though.

I love the idea . It would definitely be a more dynamic event with a class added. Have a hero weapon(s) that is bounty friendly (not to powerful) . Let’s face it bounty troops are boring to play with.


You don’t need to use four bounty troops.

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I think it would be great if bounty troops were a troop type I could search on


You can. Type “bounty” into the search box.


Yep, that’s what I do, but it would be easier if the existing sort functionality worked given that Bounty is it an ongoing monthly game mode