[Challenger rank guild] Botanist club looking for memberberries!

Hello, im wskill the guildmaster of the Botanist club! This guild/club was created initially for people who liked plant card decks (gloomleaf etc) but thats not a prequisite at all as i personally completely deviated from that aswell.

Right now the guild stands for three simple ideas that will hopefully make you as comfortable as possible in our guild:

1: There will be NO KICKING! (unless you literally ask me to if you’re quitting the game or something) That means if you take a 2 month vacation or you gasp’ dont meet some seal minmax requirement… there will be no repercussions. The reason for this is because we promote a middleground for those who though active dont want to feel like the guild is breathing down their neck and all their effort can be void the moment they slip up on their activity a bit. We are active but dont mind it when some are a little less active at all, for this we do sacrifice a bit of minmax rewards ofcourse but the layedback atmosphere makes up for it. The only way you’re getting out of our guild is by your own clicking, we will never kick you.

2: Instead of kicking those who are inactive we just determine guildrank instead, this is 'not a punishment however!! Just a small reward to say thanks for slaying all those pesky goblins and emperor korvashes.

3: We are generally helpful people, asking any question in guildchat will be answerred most likely withing a day as theres always someone on every day, and i personally am on every day a bit aswell unless something personal comes up god forbid. But as an added bonus as a puzzlehead i can help you well, and im confident most other members can too.

TLDR and technicalities:
-Challenger rank+ guild.
-no task prequisites/taxes/requirement to be social (if you’re antisocial thats fine with us but we have chat thats read atleast once a day)
-decent guild bonusses (currently statues almost 20).
-we like flowers



Good luck, your guild sounds fabulous, relaxed and fun!

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Its completely open and relaxed, no prequisites other than going consistently negative in trophies at all.

It’s a good mantra, we’re similar and people are less likely to leave imo.

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Yeah i dont want to pressure anyone let alone myself (dont like pressure at all, i like calm and space) … all those big tax guilds might also have high reward but people probably will never feel at home because they can just be kicked out the moment they fail to accomplish the set quotum… that cant be a good feeling…

It will also attract therefore people who arent loyal and just looking for quick riches, not saying the top guilds consist of such people but its just who fits the shoe.

I havent kicked people in a long time now, i used to at first when people went -10 trophies alot but right now i even have a few people in the guild that arent active but im sure if they start playing again they will feel good about still having a guild to be part of… then again ill probably kick them after 1 and a half years of inactivity as that will make me consider them just having quit the game entirely.

Update: Higher g rank now, no new members yet. Lowered req to lvl 20. Would be nice to see some active new flowerppl join!

Update: Challenger lvl now 12\30 memberberries so far.

I’m interested! Invite code is JULIAN_N1VR

Will add you later today, currently have 14 memberberries so will be 15 when you join. :gift:

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Cool, looking forward to it! My PSN is JLXJPG, if you want to add me to. Just write something in th e notes so I know it’s you :wink:

Sounds like a guild i would love to be a part of. invite code - GONCRZY_2N1J

Guild’s main post updated.

Currently 20/30 memberberries, statues almost 20.
when 30/30 will make room by removing a small amount of players that havent played for 2 years now from before the update and had no contributions so more actives can join. (and are 100% certain to have quit the game, this guild will never kick anyone who has contributed unless they themselves tell me they have quit.)

Remember, we are an active guild but we do not punish people for not meeting any minmax seals or trophies or godknows, this also means we are not a consistent reward guild but the tradeof means your effort wont ever be null, you will never have us breathe down your neck for not staying up to par with others!.

(feel free to message me on ps4 psn: Calamaistr if you want in quick as i dont check this thread every day)

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