Challenge to the devs

Try to win this match without using game genie. Using the exact same Journey restrictions with the dismal stat boost.

I have to choose the lesser miles battle because shockingly enough Goblins at this level are a never ending loop of broken when you force me to use a troop that gives them Mana.

Just writing this makes me angry because GoW used to be so well balanced and ever since development of PQ3 started y’all have broken it more and more on a monthly basis.

I’m a little over half way to the achievement that was pulled out of one of your asses and no more thought was put into than that.

Whoever designed the Journey Event. Please read this feedback to them because i question that they have the ability to read it themselves.


I want to agree in principle, but I played the event to 20k points with no losses and most matches under 30 seconds. Bought 3ish potions of power total when I ran out of sigils. I’m worried about the next event, when the troop and weapon selection actually is hopeless and we don’t have medals as a crutch.

I don’t know what team you’re using, but try EoE/2x wild queen/useless journey troop, archer class. The goblins can’t loop if they’re frozen and silenced.