What are peoples opinion on how to make the Journey event better?

Even this event has a loads of potential. Which changes would you like to see? If any at all.

There really should be multipliers in play to fix the amount of miles you accumulate, considering a level 12 encounter shouldn’t be better than the eventual several hundred level ones (because it takes longer to kill the latter). I think they could make it an actual journey and provide some sort of drafting as you go on. Maybe every battle that has the 75 mile center path could also let you get a troop of the events color or of the restrictive typing, but without the other restriction, ie get a green troop in general or an elemental that doesn’t need to have green, so you can adapt out of the super restrictive play of these events.


Gotta be honest, I enjoyed the team comps. It was also not a world event, so that was nice to see.

What I don’t like is “actions” being equal to turns. If an action is a turn, why isn’t the natural cleanse of status effects checked each action?

Here is the issue I see going forward. This week was a good choice of troops. When we have one of these for orcs as an example… Then factor in the miles penalty and delve like enemy attributes scaling. Its going to suck.


Every battle should come with stat boost bonus, not just some. I don’t care about 5000 gold after winning against the level 300 defense with a handicapped offense. In the time it took for the battle, I could have earned much more gold elsewhere. So raise the rewards if you want the player to play the Journey. The guild rewards (stage 1-12) are fine though.


My guild finished it on Wednesday, so on the one hand, it needs better scaling to make it last longer. On the other hand, as others pointed out, it felt a little monotonous. I would’ve liked to see more interesting choices along the way.

Our guild is severely struggling (we just started on reward tier 10). We’re a mixed bunch of early/mid/endgamers and this event is pretty big on late mid to endgame.

I think that the miles/points should scale with difficulty.

The gimmick with losing points is just that, a gimmick. It doesn’t really add anything other than guarantee -30 points as you progress. If “fixed” to be turns instead of actions, it’s still not particularly interesting. Then again, if they had advertised “you will gain points for every turn less than 10” it would’ve gone over better, even of it amounts to the same end result.


+1 to that. If we could just get increasing points, even if only slightly as the battles get more difficult, that would be nice.

Another thing that would be nice: warn people that they don’t have Pathfinder troop on team when playing if they have it available, similar to event medals for world event. I know a few people who didn’t realize how important the troop was to getting decent score and played games without Hawthorn even though they owned it.


Giving feedback is pointless. You’re dreaming if you think devs will alter the event at this point. It’s here to stay, as is.


I’d like to think they might change it for future journey events, because those are going to happen at some point.

Some amount of scaling rewards to the difficulty of the battle has to be there. Otherwise, there’s a point where the returns are diminished enough that it probably isn’t worth it to keep fighting. Especially as we can probably expect any future Journey events to be a tad more restrictive in terms of team choices – at the very least – and therefore it might become more difficult much sooner to make progress at a reasonable rate.

I’d also be inclined to ask for stat bonuses to be more frequent. As to provide more ballast against damage sponges at high levels and with the lack of the Event Medals that many have become accustomed to as ways to fight through the immense stat disadvantage.

I don’t know how I’d approach the possibilities of re-jiggering the reward tiers. I’m in a very casual guild with a limited active player-base. We normally only get through 8 or 9 of the 12 “reward gates” in a given event; we finished all 12 by this afternoon, but we also have several players actively chasing the 20k trophy this week and that probably has helped. But I’d prefer not to have to spend so many Gems on multiple Tier VII purchases as well.


Remove the complicated scoring. Why are there point deductions? As @blindnighto said, if anything, give bonus points. Even if the net result is the same, people value the feeling of a reward over a punishment. That said, it should just be scrapped.

Losing points due to troop losses or turns/actions means the events favor end game speed runners. Favoring end gamers could be ok, but speed runners, eh. I say that as a speed runner. Not everyone likes that playstyle. The game is now forcing it.

There is absolutely no value to bonus/punishing points. Kill it with fire.


Yes everything is always working as intended in this game. Weavergate

The journey would be better if it was simply not bugged. Hawthorn is a required troop to maximise points yet it it still glitching and locking the screen -days into the event. Seriously, the game is an investment of time, resources that are grinded for and sometimes actual paying for stuff in real dollars. You need to do way better than this. It doesn’t even deserve a rating its that bad. A sigil lost, a raven lost, journey points lost. You dont seem to care. ITS TIME TO CARE ABOUT YOUR PLAYER BASE while you still have one.


I laughed my ass off when I used his spell against those level 400 troops the other day lol

I mean, what a utterly useless troop for a rather frustrating and long event.

IMO the first change required is to just get rid of the guide so humans can choose another useful troop and attack with a full team instead of 3 troops - which it feels like when the guide is being used.

Let the players buy multipliers addons to the Journey Event might be the way to go, call them boosters or snack bars, whatever you like to, unless you decide to give us useful guides.

To answer it myself: Will they ever remove the Guide from future Journey events? - No they won’t.

So only option would be to make them useful.


Stats matches needs to be scaled with level, so one will get more stats than the basic 4 attack etc at the mid to higher levels.

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I think, three points need to be changed:

  • Scoring should work as indicated in the beginning, extra turns must not count as turns. It is almost impossible to beat enemies of Level 300 and beyond in just 10 turns, if extra turns are also counted in. This is especially true, as in this event it is possible to build some very consistent loops with Sycorax/Wild Queen. Might be different for future journeys with other colour and troop restriction, but in this one it would be rather easy to get maximum score out of high level enemies, when I can extra turn as long as I want.

  • Base amount of miles per fight must scale with difficulty. It is not motivating to have level 500 boss give the same base amount of 75 miles just like the first level 15 boss. Better have level 15 boss start with about 15 miles or something and give level 500 boss 300 miles (just random numbers for example, don´t know, if this would result in good balancing).

  • I thought, that it was supposed to have a “difficult” path with more miles and an “easy” path with less as a choice always. If I don´t want to do the difficult path (because it offers Goblins for example) or just can´t beat it anymore, then I take the easy path. I didn´t pay attention on every stage, but I definitely had it happen, that the difficult path was for example level 415 enemies and the easy one offered level 414. This difference should be much more significant in my opinion.


First week of Journey event. I hope the Devs won’t change a thing yet. Devs please focus on fixing the bugs at this time.

I think there is a significant difference, just one that is global rather than local, so it’s less noticeable. The difficulty level seems to increase by +1 or +2 each fight, so while choosing an easier fight once or twice won’t make a noticeable difference, consistently choosing easier fights will lead to much lower enemy troop levels as opposed to someone who consistently chooses harder fights.

I have to admit, I didn´t pay attention, how the difficulty evolved depending on the battles I have chosen. However, if it works as you say, isn´t it useless? Everyone will prefer the difficult path, as it rewards more miles and is always just one level higher as the easy one. If I reach a limit, where I can´t beat the difficult path anymore, I am done with the event, because the easy path will be just as difficult. I mean, you CAN do it in this way, but for me, that doesn´t make much sense.

Not quite, especially for newer players. I think you’re missing my point on the levels: the difficulty level is cumulative along the path you have chosen, so someone who consistently chooses an easier path will be at a significantly lower level than someone who consistently chooses a harder path.

I don’t quite remember the numbers, so I’ll just make something up for illustrative purposes. Assume the easier path always gives +2 levels to difficulty, and the harder path +3. By the time you’re 50 fights in, you’ll be at Lv. 100 if you consistently take the easier path and Lv. 150 if you consistently take the harder.

Eventually you’ll get stuck along both paths, but it takes more battles to do so along the easier path, which could potentially give you more miles overall.