Centuragon, broken spell

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(Credit to @Sheffield)

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
This is going to be difficult to explain, it requires at least basic understanding of the game mechanics.
I was expecting troops to appear remotely balanced, not too excessively weak, not too excessively strong. And then Centuragon showed up, with this spell:

Dark Skies (13 Red/Brown)
There is a 10% chance to devour a random Enemy, +10% for each Wildcard. Then convert all Skulls to x2 Wildcards. [10x]

Wildcards match with just about anything, so casting this blindly, without even looking at the board, is basically guaranteed to grant an extra turn, fill up most of the team, trigger a whole bunch of 4+ traits and possibly devour an opponent troop. Keep repeating until everything not immune to devour is dead, wipe up any sole survivor with the buffed up Centuragon or whichever other troops are ready to offload their spells.

I’m not sure how an epic troops managed to end up with a spell that puts every mythic troop to shame. And while it’s a hilarious sight to behold while you are not on the receiving side, I’m pretty sure the backlash is going to be phenomenal if it remains unchanged for the next Guild Wars in a couple of weeks.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
I could imagine that someone fumbled the spell effect, maybe Wildcards were supposed to get converted to Skulls instead. In it’s current state it’s a one Centaur army, this troop alone wins just about any fight, as soon as enough mana for the first cast has been collected.

Steps to make it happen again
Play with Centuragon in your team, or against Centuragon in an opponent team.


I haven’t seen such extreme case yet, but I only played a couple of battles in the WE.
It was my first thought tho, “how op will be this troop with a skull converter”, but you don’t need skull converters, lets say 6 skulls on the board not unimaginable, yet almost destroys the whole board.

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It gets even more crazy if you cast it into a skull storm. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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This guy slaps in Zuul Goth teams


In my Zuu team he is broken…makes explore 12 even faster if possible. Did about 20 matches of PVP and with lep…thrall…mountain crusher and zu you just mindless win…

This one of the most powerful troops released this year, and smokes the upcoming campaign mythic. S tier mythic…I mean epic troop.


The more I use it the more I think some balance needs to be done. With out changing the core of what the troop does there just needs to be a cap on the number of skulls that can be converted each cast. I am not sure that that number is but I would guess…3-6 to match up with what other troops and weapons do would probably be nice.

his ability is broken

Epic is top tier mythic


Now we’re at 4 good troops for 2021!


I have been waiting for this troop for about a month or so ever since it was shown on taran’s world because the spell effect looked like it would be really awesome and I was dead right.
As the spiffing brit would say “perfectly balanced and not at all broken”spiffingbrit.jpeg


Works in favor of the player? Traits will be changed before COB tonight then!

Meanwhile the Nexus traits… 🤷


Maybe they will continue to add troops like this?

It would be an easy way to disguise all the bugs. Its a rinse and repeat till the battle is over, you wouldn’t even notice the AI getting extra turns when they shouldn’t, or when you don’t get an extra turn when you should, or matching and not getting mana, or all these other broken aspects the newer gems have caused.

I am anti-nerf, but this one is really broken. You don’t need to think. Just cast over and over.


Finley, epic troop – “Transform all Skulls to Gems of a chosen colour”

Centuragon, epic troop – “Transform all Skulls to Gems of ALL COLOURS. No need to pick – too many taps/clicks!”


I’d be very cynical about this and troops like it if it was behind some kind of paywall; but we all have it.

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I was thinking of the elemental star - “well, it’s not ALL colors.”

Nope. Literally all colors. Infinite loop with a single troop, which will also more than likely fill your entire team. Nice.


Don’t forget it not only refills your whole team makes a lot less skulls for the enemy and gets an extra turn almost always but it sometimes even devours an enemy troop lol


Why is it not surprising to find the same old boring complaints about something fun in the game that benefits newer players and not just end gamers? Almost certain if this was a mythic that’s not obtainable for 400 glory not a word would be said. It’s GAP rewards all over. Let the kids have their toys for a change.


This is one of the very few good troops we’ve gotten in 2021, yet people are asking for a nerf. The better approach IMO is to buff troops that are too weak. Too many troops in this game are just dust collectors that are only good for kingdom power.


I mean, it is fun, I guess, it might just be worth revisiting in a week or so to see if I now use it in pretty much every team or if it’s super annoying to face. ¯_(ツ)_/¯