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Centuragon, broken spell

So far I’ve beaten every enemy team with centuragon on it. I’ve also been beaten - this troop is really good and fun to use.

It also only uses red and brown which I personally find to be easy GW days anyway.

And in defense, you can only use him once, and he won’t be worse than goblins or books - we just got a class that can counter that stuff.

Can we not have fun for a bit?


And eat the enemy team!

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Made some fan art for the new 2021 power couple in hopes they don’t break them up

(edit: since so many seemed to like this decided to add the animated gif i made with leprechaun)


I’m going to share that in my guild. That’s awesome. Made me chuckle. :grin:


Thanks! Glad you like it go right ahead I did it for the lols


Exactly Sir, i totally agree. Whenever anything good comes out on gems, there is always some who complain. Leave this troops as is, as were are all on a level playing field with it, use your imagination to counter it in wars etc. Oh, and leave Elemental class too. Games are supposed to be fun, let’s hope future releases have the same impact.

Take care and have fun.:crossed_fingers::+1:


I think this troop is powerful but not OP. For sure it’s a good mana generator, but only really shines reliably when used with something that generates skulls like Zuul or Scylla. So I don’t think it is unbalanced compared to other powerful cards like Thrall or Leprechaun and it only works well with a limited range of teams.

(unlike Elementalist, the third trait of which I think is genuinely OP when you comapre it to other strong classes like Frostmage)

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We have no reference values for how tall these guys are. It’s entirely possible Zuul and Centuragon are just ants to Leprechaun.

(We need a picture of giant Leprechaun stomping in the background with tiny Zuul and Centuragon in the front)

Feel free to live your vision :stuck_out_tongue: .png files can be found at GoW Troop Spoilers

Lep is dancing, I love it! :heart_eyes:

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