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Celestial Peak ☀ [rank 91] - 2 spots available

Looking for an active guild that doesn’t make the game a chore? Look no further! Celestial Peak (est. 2015) is the place for you :smiley:

We have very reasonable minimum requirements, that anyone active in the game can quickly reach:

  • 500 seals
  • 100 trophies
  • regular guild event participation

Players who are still leveling up their kingdoms and building their collection are welcome, all we ask is that you’re active and can make the minimums.

Do more than that and you can quickly climb the ranks in the guild! :slight_smile:

In return, we offer:

  • all rewards from guild events
  • 40k seals every week
  • roughly half tasks completed weekly (this includes 390 gems from blue tasks)
  • maxed out guardians for stat boosts
  • active in-game chat and discord server (optional)

To join or get more details, post here, message @mitamata or come talk to us on discord: https://discord.gg/VWqR7Tq

Bump up the jam

Friendly bump from an ex-member - lots of reasons to join these guys, none I can think of not to! Great guild with fantastic people & loads of support for those who need it :+1:t2:


Still spots open! Come join the fun :slight_smile:

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hi i m lwl 360 and i have dragon armor. do you have any slot for me? i can reach 100 trophy -500 seal-300k gold

Hi uzun! We would love to have you! Can you send me your invite code please? :slightly_smiling_face:

dr mustafa
thank you

Welcome to the guild! :smiley:

Still more spots open. Real life has been stealing our members from us recently, please don’t hesitate to send your invite code if you’re looking for a guild to call home! :slight_smile:

Spots still available if anyone is looking for a new guild! Come check out the tower of doom with us! :smiley:

Hi mitamata! I usually get 1500 seals and 200+ trophies a week at level 105 and would love to join and talk to you all. Invite code: NICOLE_2CWS

Hi Nicole! I sent you an invite. Hope to see you in game! :grinning:

Spots open again! Get in touch if you’re looking for a new home :smiley: (a pm to me or joining our discord would be fastest - https://discord.gg/VWqR7Tq)

The Tower of Doom was an interesting challenge. For an idea of what you can expect, we completed 11 out of 12 reward stages :slight_smile:

Level 200 here; I get 1500 seals and can certainly get 100 trophies weekly. Would love an invite if there is one available.


And we’re full! :slight_smile: Thanks to everyone who joined recently, hope you enjoy your new home.

We have one spot available! Any takers? :slight_smile:

Edit: Spot filled!

And we’re back to one spot available! :grin:

Hi, I’m interested if the spot is still open.

Lvl 373 with all kingdoms at lvl 10 and a regular player.

Invite code: SIRGRUMBLE_1VYM

Thanks! Sent you an invite :smiley:

2 spots open. Perfect opportunity for you and a friend to join an awesome guild :smiley:

One spot still available! :slight_smile:

I’d like to join (again). Was a member a year or so ago.
Over last month started to get into game again! Lots of new stuff pets, delves, etc.

Invite code: ZELPHIN
Level: 617