Cat playing my treasure maps allowed?

Was thinking about getting one of those fancy Xbox adaptive game pads, while mainly for disabled gamers, you can customize all the controls by adding adapters.

So, I wondered if i could rig up something with that to get my cat to do my treasure maps :thinking: Obviously the cat is never going to be very good at treasure hunt, but with enough button batting I bet she could make it through it. Hopefully figure an easy way to make her always pick play again. Loot does add up…

I don’t think this would be botting, because the cat would be playing. But I wouldn’t want to go through the cost and trouble of getting that if having my cat playing is considered cheating.



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You’d probably want to start with a game mode that’s harder for your cat to mess up, like using Life and Death orbweaver in 3 trophy PVP.


Bold prediction: if we are allowed to hand a phone to a 3-year-old for treasure maps, we can use cats for the same purpose.


Botting is not allowed because bots can play faster than humans.
Sharing accounts or catting is 100% okay.
Sadly, that will also mean your cat plays the game more than half the devs that decide on “what we want from gems of war”. :roll_eyes:




OHHGAWD! Zot, you just hit my luvie-bone! I absolutely ADORE Scottish Fold kittens!!!

Better hope there’s not a flash sale on Pet Food, because your cat my ring up a huge credit card bill while you’re away.