How to cheat this week's treasure map event


Get your kids to do it for you. “Hey kids, free screen time. Play this fun matching game and collect treasure. Fun!”


…I need a kid.


My kid´s only a month old,might be faster if I do it myself.


So, someone is on maternity leave probably bored with nothing to do, but maps! Lol


Never to early to start! Get 'em hooked from a young age!


My kid used to make me do his maps when he was playing.
I don’t want to hear about maps anymore. :smiley:


I have twins! Too bad I can’t have one on my phone and the other on my tablet!
The event would be done soooo fast… :heart_eyes:


Thats a great plan untill the moment you realize they managed to leave your guild lol


There’s a flaw in your plan: both kids have their own accounts, so they’re not gonna run these for ME.


They could… “Chores for the Week: Play my Treasure Maps”


LOL A girlfriend works too, at least for me :yum::+1: