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Casual but active player looking for an active guild with only gold requirements

Level over 500.

Looking for an active guild with only gold requirements.

Guild Mean Machine is ranked 55.
We have 50k gold requirement and reaching tier 1 in PvP. If you are interested replay with your invite code :slight_smile:

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Thank you, DonBoba.
I’d prefer a guild without any of the other requirements.

Ok mate, if you change your mind I’ll be here :slight_smile:

Hi DonBoba, I’m interested in joining if you’ll have me. Level 215, play on android, and I can easily meet your guild’s requirements. Been in my guild (rank ~400 now) since day one, but have become frustrated that I am the highest contributor and the guild leader is hesitant to kick freeloaders and inactive players. I’m not too hardcore a player but I play every day and usually get to at least 4,000 points in PvP.

Have you still got space available?


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Hi, our guild only requires you to stay active. Currently League rank is Champion (highest). If you’re interested, send me your invite code. We are Immortal Legion.

Check out Morbid Intent… Regards, SweRokku
Thread in this forum. We’ll be happy to have you.

Hey DonBoba!

I’ve been looking to switch guilds. I’m not a “hardcore player” but I do feel that everybody should carry their weight and contribute what they can. Currently I’m in a guild of 30 players and there’s really only 5-7 that meaningfully contribute to the tasks while the rest leech.

I’ve always resented that I and the other small group of players are basically doing all the gold contributions – now that I just recently got my kingdoms all to level 10, my resentment is only growing bigger as my gold-earning ability increases.

Anyhow, long winded explanation sorry, but I’m looking to switch, can guarantee a min contribution of 100K and reach PvP tier one every week. So if that works for you, please LMK. I also was wondering if switching will cause me a huge drop in mastery levels. I don’t really understand the inner workings, but the guild masteries are all around 35 now… would your guild be the same or am I worrying for nothing?

Also, my brother would like to switch guilds as well. He currently drops around 300-500K on guild tasks and he’s REALLY getting annoyed at the leeching going on in our guild. Both of us are ready to jump ship if theres a good active guild where everybody plays fair and contributes.

We have 4 masteries at 59 and 2 at 60 so no worries there. We would love to have you. :slight_smile: (Donboba’s guildmate)

Right on HK :slight_smile:

LMK what guild name you guys are and what info I need to send you

Oh forgot to say my invite code is “KrudlerTheHorse”

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Trying to get you invited now, if not, Don will get you as soon as he gets on. :slight_smile:

you are still in another guild, have to leave it first, and let me know when you do. :slight_smile:

I have left the other guild

Sent the invite :slight_smile:

I accepted and have already done a task :slight_smile:

How do you all chat? Google Hangouts or something else?

We use the in-game guild chat and we also have a discord in the guild announcements that you can go to.

Use the in game guild chat :slight_smile:
We are very very active in there :slight_smile:

Ok I’ll get it up and running… normally I have it off but I’ll figure it out.

Also, my brother would LOVE to get in. He has been regularly contributing ~400K weekly to the leech guild we’ve been in… he’s getting might sick of them.

He’s been hoarding gold waiting to jump ship lol

Just tell me his invite code and tell him to leave that guild :wink: