Active player seeking active, casual guild

Not enjoying being one of 2 players in the guild who has 1K+ seals does all their guild war attacks. I don’t have the income to donate tons of gold yet, as I am only level 49. Looking for a good fit…

What does “casual” mean to you? Our guild doesn’t have a gold requirement, but we are very active in daily guild wars. We’d probably be willing to give you a shot, but you may struggle at level 49 with the GW battles.

We also would be interested in you joining our guild… We dont want anyone still working on kingdome to donate gold our only requirement s to do your GW battles by the end of the week…

If interested pm me😎

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Taxaholic may be a good fit for you. Usually we look for players at 100+ but you seem to be a good fit and are on your way :smiley:
We regularly output 20K seals. Currently in Bracket 12 in GW (rank 100-199 reward range)

we do not have a gold req and definitely want our members to put gold into their own kingdoms first before donating. Our only req currently is to complete your 5 guild war battles on time daily. If you cant for some reason that is ok as long as you communicate it in advance in guild chat. Our guild usually has all tasks at 6/12 -8/12 by end of week with 1-2 as 12/12

EDIT - LOL just seeing PAPA already responded and reached out about trying to see if you are fit lol

PM me here or look for Berothius and or Papa in game

Current guild rank 245, Master V (+280% daily gold)

Very friendly atmosphere, just really want GW and communication :smiley:strong text

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I have found a guild. Thank you forum people!

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