Active Player LF High Level Guild

Hello, I’m trying to find a high level guild that has no gold restriction, as I have not yet maximized all realms.
On the other hand, they can count on me for any other activity that requires activity and frequency because I am very active.

High-level guilds preferentially because they will make it easier for me to maximize things as soon as possible. I’ve even gotten the ring and armor from the cash shop to do it as fast as possible.

Please Put the info of your guild on the topic or send it via PM !

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Hi Arcanun! We at Mean Machine are looking for new active members!

We are currently ranked 36 in the league. We complete all tasks and many legendary tasks each week. We do have a gold requirement, but we are willing to make accommodations for members who are still working on their kingdoms. Our weekly reqs are 500k gold, 1300 seals, 100 trophies, active in all events, and min. 8 total sentinels for GW, although most of our guild greatly exceeds that.

If you are interested, I’ll be happy to send you an invite and the details on our discord channel. We have an active discord community where everyone helps each other out.

Got a guild already! Thanks for every invite!