Can't we get a pop-up when buying keys?


Just a nice tool for us. An “Are you sure you want to spend… for…” pop-up. I think it’s necessary for the missclicks or misstabs! At least on the 1000 Glory, 450 Gems and 675 Gems options. I just “lost” 1000 Glory. :sadface:


Ouch! That’s gotta hurt.


Happened to me when I linked accounts… after I linked, the tutorials kept popping up. I was getting frustrated and clicking wildly to dismiss them (a lot of them don’t require clicking a button/doing anything specific)… when I opened the Chests menu, one popped up… I clicked a few times and bought 50 Gold chests… yay, could have used that to level up my kingdoms… my fault for being impatient but ain’t nobody got time for reading tutorials for the 4th time, let alone 1st. :stuck_out_tongue:


Rip 15k. Never forget…



I had the same thing happen to me last week. And 1000 glory is way more useful for buying the weekly rewards pack. That 1000 glory could’ve gotten me 2 1/2 Ifrit packs… :frowning:


Let’s pray so Sirrian adds this to the mix.


Has happened to me too. Being in a guild has trained me to spend Glory keys in bulk. So when I reflexively tapped the third button for Glory chests after winning 8 Glory Keys from a treasure map… argh.


Exacty what happend to me! :frowning:


We’ve been talking about this recently. No promises but we are looking into it.


Thank you Nimhain-senpai!