Glory pack bulk purchase button

It would be great if there could be an option to purchase mutliple glory reward packs at once.
Right now I have to buy 41 glory packs to get a new ultra rare troop to mythic (and with 4 clicks per purchase, that’s 164 clicks in total).

I feel there has got to be a way to make this more efficient. :slight_smile:
How about a pop-up after you click the first time, saying “How many packs do you want to purchase?” With a slider option underneath it to select the number of packs you want to purchase. That would maybe mean clicking 41 times, and then pressing “OK” , which would reduce the amount of clicks by almost 75%…

That would be a great QoL improvement IMHO…


Ooh, yes, bulk purchase would be great!
How about a slider that you can move with a mouse? Like this?

That would significantly cut the number of clicks

Edited: added side arrows so that it would be easier to input a precise amount… and tweaked a few things.


Great addition @Versheenah ! That slider’s probably an even better way of implementing this! :smiley:

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I applaud people and their photoshopping skills. Holy smokes. The things people can make quickly make me do a double take. It’s like that’s already a feature.


Whoa I vanish for a day or so and we get this genius happening. Bumping for attention.

This would be AWESOME!

Excellent work! 5 stars granted.

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That’s unpossible. We can only have side arrows on things that don’t make sense (like the troop filter window) not on things where it would be useful!

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Given the fact that I just had to buy 64 glory packs to get enough of the Khaziel common troop to get him to Mythic I think this topic deserves a bump. At 4 clicks per glory pack (so 252 total clicks) this was some seriously mindnumbing work… @saltypatra: Please ask the team to include an improvement to this in the next patch! :slight_smile:


I did the same, what a waste of time. heheh


Come on Devs, this should be a no brainer QoL improvement that can’t be hard to implement. You already have bulk crafting for traitstones, pet food and ingots so it’s just a matter of transplanting that code to the glory part of the shop.

I’m absolutely stunned you’ve not added this yet… :frowning:

@Sirrian @Nimhain @Cyrup @Kafka @Saltypatra


@Cyrup, @Kafka

I would really appreciate if you add this.
It would prolong the lifespan of my mouse. :slight_smile:

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Pretty sure @Sirrian said a while ago this either was not possible or way too hard and said they could just add new packs with 20 or 50 or whatever.

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So it’s not possible to buy in bulk in the Glory shop, but it is possible to craft in bulk in the soulforge?
That does not sound logical to me…

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Event key glory purchases also on this list, please.

Haha this feature request is older than the UI that spawned it. Yet wasn’t part of replacing that UI.

It’s a different part of the game!

This is at the top of the suggestions list that I’ve provided the team, but unfortunately it is not as easy as a fix as it looks. The team definitely sees the value in the idea, it’s just a big task and would take some time to implement. It would effectively be like the team are working on a new feature (with the potential for new issues) as opposed to just moving around some UI elements, loosely speaking.


Given those complications, could a simple solution be a “Buy 10 Glory rewards” option in the store on a new tile. Hopefully that would simplify the configuration/setup and just add an extra tile in the store (and maybe a Buy 100 option too). If there were at the end of the list of tiles they would be out of the way for new users

I would like to see shop options offering enough packs to ascend to each rarity.

If it were that simple, it probably would have been done earlier. :wink: