Clicks not registering when buying glory packs (PC)

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

On PC, when attempting to purchase glory packs, I have found that I need to click the purchase button more than once to actually obtain the troop. Took nearly 300 clicks to purchase the troops I wanted today. There really should be a way to buy these in bulk.

What are the steps to make it happen again?

Attempt to buy a glory troop on PC, purchase button requires additional clicks

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This happens to me as well. Buying the first Glory pack usually goes off without a hitch, but then I need to click the Purchase button twice and occasionally three times for each subsequent pack.

Please consider adding a way to buy these in bulk. How about adding arrows like the ones for leveling up/ascending a troop?

If each click registers correctly it still takes 4 clicks to buy a pack - click on the pack, click Purchase, click the double-arrow to skip the animation, and click to close the window. When I buy 30 stones, I don’t want to make 120 clicks…or, more accurately, 150+ clicks due to having to click Purchase multiple times.


@Versheenah put together an amazing mockup of what you might be looking for:


Yes, that UI is perfect. I “liked” it when she posted it. I think it’s awesome how professional the mockup looks.

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