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Can't log in, anybody else?

Both Steam and Android get to “Logging in” screen, stop for a while, and eventually give a “request timed out” error.

Same here. Cant get in at the moment on ipad.

Yepp same for me, Steam Version is loading hero in endless mode and ios version cannot establish connections and a retry window appears

Yup, server seems ot be down :frowning:

Finished a battle and got a "Your connection to the server has timed out."
I don’t want to lose the resources i’ve farmed on this battle… :worried:

Yep, it went down after my best map ever. Hope I get that 80 glory.

I’ve been stuck on the victory screen of a PVP match for the past 5-10 minutes with a " Your connection to the server has timed out. Please try again later" error, so server issues seem likely…

Same! Mine died just after I finished my battle with Mr. Sammy for a posted 1700 gold! I sure hope it recognized the end of the fight before it died. :smiley:


just imagine a trasure hunt with several hundreds of turns and this…

Crashed on PS4 also. I was in the arena trying to finish a task. Hope my win still counts. Now i cant get past the load screen with out an error

Stuck in server connection loop on Xbox One as well.

got stuck on ps4… can exit my troops.

It’s back fo me, nothing lost. What is this inccident called? Server Hiccups? =P

No!! That would be horrible!

EDIT Mine is confirmed back and I got to keep my win. Thanks GoW team!


Got back in, hit invade, and got a 4x mystic full traited stoneskin team…

closed game and moved on to something else

Getting just alittle laggy over here.

Based on my experience of a sometimes patchy Wifi connection, the server calculates your TH rewards before showing them to you, so even if you crash out on the final rewards screens, when you next login, your balances will include the rewards from that map.

Well, now you know to watch out for dhjl in future PVP sessions.

Couldn’t have been me. I use an Armored troop as well. :innocent:


I’ve found that for some opponents, it is faster to alt-f4 and reload the program entirely than it is to bother trudging through it.

This includes defenses with All armored/stone/granite skin, 3-4x traited celestasia, and some looping Jarl setups. Goblins can get that bad too, if they hit a string of cascade that fills them all I just quit out rather than wait for it to finish taking a half dozen or more turns.