Logging In Error?


Is anyone having trouble logging in on the PC/Mobile side? I keep getting a Support message with the suggestion to close the game and restart.


Yup, I’m getting “You have lost connection to the servers” with the Retry button quite regularly on loading circles.


since 5 mins ago, I have a problem logging in to the game.


mine froze at log in again


Mine just stays at “Loading Hero” when logging in…

Now I get:

“[ERROR INVALID GUILD] Something has gone wrong, and we’ve encountered an unrecoverable error. Please close the game down and restart it”


I also have problems logging in on steam.


Not working either.


On console too. Lost server and restart. Ps4 here


Mine works!

No, I’m kidding. Nothing. Logging in or loading hero like everyone else.


Ok. the post cannot be so short :slight_smile:


Boy, I bet Sirrian and company are wishing they could migrate the rest of the servers yesterday.



I’m unable to play as well, I was logged in and working, but has completely frozen at this point


yeah mine is also not working, and @Malkav that chart is completely unrealistic.

It’s more like, 20% weep uncontrollably, 65% refresh in a mad panic, 15% sit in a dazed state, wondering what things you can actually DO when the server is down

And dammit! It’s time to collect my kingdom bonus. I was going to get 9 tributes this time, I know it

I had better refresh this til it comes back up.

The worst part is that @Sirrian and @Nimhain, are probably @home asleep.


Myeah and I remember someone saying its going to be better…


Same problem here.


+1 me too :cry:

Bandwagon suitably jumped upon.


I don’t like this ride…


You forget “Play something else” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Are you crazy??? Do you not know that the chances of eye injury increase dramatically for those more skilled at mouse clicking than Jumping Jacks and that a clean keyboard is almost blasphemy…and the sun is best seen on your friends FB pages…your sir are dangerous …