Can't load game

Keeps telling me I don’t own it. I bought it on this console the xbox1. I have hard reset and uninstalled and reinstalled, nothing works and I will lose my sign in bonus to boot.

You might need to contact support on that one. ( I hope this is the correct link )

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I changed the category from Bug reporting to Support (PS4 / Xbox) for you since the recent change to the bug reporting policy. Good luck and hopefully your account gets restored soon.

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I can’t sign in because the email and password don’t match on the account I just created hrs ago, how is i bought this game on this xbox1 console and it says the person who bought it must sign it, I can’t get any help at all, I’ve spent money in this game only to get shafted, there isn’t even a topic to go to where you sent me other then the link. Thank you for trying I appreciate it.

Edited*- sorry I misread what you posted. Hopefully a dev will come along shortly and assist you.

It keeps asking for my invite code when I try to submit a ticket, can’t access the game to get it. My gamertag is IndianJo1217 will that help?

I’m sorry that I cannot help more, I’m not very familiar with support for console. :frowning:

I created an account hrs ago here so I could get help,where do I look for the other you speak of?

Just click on ‘Sign Up’ and create an account. Then you can submit a ticket.

Did the above my email and password now states it doesn’t exist, try to create another and it goes to server error page, I’m screwed,drepressed and beyond tears now, thank you for trying to help.

Hi Jojo, I can’t help you with contacting 505 support as this isn’t gems of war support (they are our publishers. For more info between the two see this article).. You might want to try contacting Gems of war support next time :slight_smile:

Either way, for this problem, you will need to try contacting Microsoft/Xbox support instead here:

Try including a photo of your issue (perhaps taken on another device) to potentially speed up the process. Your account data should be saved with your Xbox account so don’t worry about losing the game. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the misinformation on my behalf @Cyrup. It’s the only link that I had.

Not at all! I appreciate your help so much! I didn’t notice the player was contacting 505 until the screenshot. It’s a common mistake.

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