Can we talk about the art for Mervorax?

Raises hand to make a salty response.

Several devs make an aggressive, strong statement.

Lowers hand.

I hope you guys do get this resolved. And by “resolved” I mean I hope you either get a firm resolution from the art studio or get the chance to let them watch you walk out the door.

It makes me happy to see a strong, passionate response that includes an acknowledgement!


It’s from Monster Hunter Hunting Card, a trading card game they released roughly 10 years ago in Japan.

Here’s a link to the Monster Hunter wikia’s Lagiacrus photo gallery that contains the image in question at a higher resolution:

Sadly, this sort of thing happens frequently, and is outside of the GoW team’s direct control.

Seems to me they are responding very well.

When you pay an outside contractor for original content, you explicitly demand original artwork. But individual artists can try to cut corners. Hopefully finding these sort of things quickly helps to keep most of the artists honest.

For me personally, its not a big deal to see heroes in here looking like heroes in other games.

Maybe not, but it’s a problem for the Devs if they get sued for IP infringement

How would you feel, personally, if took whatever work you’re doing today away from you and used it for myself, but didn’t compensate you?

I mean, then my work “just looks like your work” right? I did the hard work of taking it.

I’m sure he meant licensed from other games.
I wouldn’t care either if it weren’t all original.

I guess maybe? Nothing in this thread even hints at licensed content though.

I wonder if the artist sells the image for use, but keeps the original license for further use/resale.

If so, they’d be all liable to sell their own work more than once (though refurbished?).
If not, then the team behind the ‘second use’ is in charge of the stolen goods.

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Why are we trying to Devil’s Advocate and defend the art house that’s been caught distributing copied art at least twice?

Generally an art house doesn’t let artists hold individual rights and make decisions for how their art is sold. Part of working for another person as an artist usually involves transferring your rights to that person. The only way you usually negotiate a better deal is to be someone whose art is famous enough the person with money feels they have to tempt you away from other people with money or, worse, starting your own art house based on your talent.

I don’t think the devs’ response indicates they think they’re buying stock art that might be present in other games. I’m willing to bet their commission contract explicitly states they want original art. Licensed art is a different thing entirely.


At least this time the team is not being evasive about such issues.

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Wow, just wow. Puts us artists to shame. Couldn’t they have at least changed the color scheme and inverted parts of the body if they’re going to so blatantly rip off another company’s art? CAPCOM no less. I immediately recognized and THOUGHT that this was the Legiacrus, but Monster Hunter is my favorite game series. I don’t play Gems anymore, but it’s nice to see that the devs are taking this more seriously than I thought they would be.

Well, at least it wasn’t an amateur artist tracing… er… ahem… i mean… being heavily influenced by the references of coprighted material and still delivering poor quality results which got approval.

(Leave to the undead to unearth old grievances and complaints. It’s a cultural thing @KYLENATOR001.)

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When it comes to plagiarism, the skeletons will be plagiarisen.

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I have a bone to pick.

No really, i think i lost a pinky somewhere…

I would have thought this would have been news to report or something…


Anyone know when this got fixed?


For me it’s not quite fixed. Just inverted (on android)…

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I first noticed it when they pushed the most recent update.

As mentioned above for Android, Mervorax is still infring-alicious on iOS.

That might be why there’s no official announcement at this point—seems not all platforms have the fix.

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