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Can we please lose the 1-month wait for new troops to enter chests?

New mythics go straight into chests, new kingdom troops go straight into chests. So why the wait for new weekly troops? It only adds complication and confusion for no reason or benefit that I can see. There is no info in game telling us if a troop is “in limbo” either which I’m sure has cost more that a few people to waste resources.


So you want all upcoming content to be added at once? I think this is bad idea. Waiting for new troop weekly is something really cool and should not be changed! If they would throw us all the troops they plan to add in the future, what would be left to wait for? The curiosity of “I wonder what new troop will appear on Monday” is something that actually lures me to play this game, when I start to get bored of monotonous gameplay.

Or maybe I missunderstood your post.

He’s saying that once a new troop is released, it should also begin appearing in chests. Right now, most newly released troops don’t appear in chests for 4 weeks. For example, claw dancer is available for glory this week, but won’t start appearing in chests for another 3.5 weeks.

Ah, I didn’t know that this works this way! If so, yes, I agree with the OP fully! That makes sense now, haha :smiley:

this is how they get you to spend event keys and glory on troops, if you could just get them however it would take away this function, not to mention people spend money to purchase troops as well

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If they would do that, then there would be very little reason for the weekly Glory pack (which I always enjoy buying since it also comes with Arcanes and stuff). I actually like the wait.

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Daft idea, as @A01020201 says.

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The vast majority of players aren’t even aware of this 1-month wait due to no mention of it ingame whatsoever so it won’t affect their spending of event keys or glory at all. For those that are aware, they usually want multiple copies for ascension and/or the arcane traitstones so won’t affect their spending either.

It actually does - The times there were common troops (like the Firebomb) in the shop, I bought only few packs of those (sometimes as few as only one), knowing that I would get tons of them later from Gold chests. I also don’t buy as many copies from URs as I buy from Epics since i know I will get those easily in a month. Epics are the only thing I buy a lot of since getting epics from chests sucks.

If these things would be in chests directly, I would buy absolutely zero commons and URs from the Glory shop and rather spend my Glory on the Event Key bundle. And we all know that the devs don’t want Event Keys to be super-common.

Even if troops released to chests immediately, I’d still buy enough from Glory packs to turn Ultra-Rares/Epics Mythic. Buying from a Glory pack is guaranteed; using keys is not. This is a huge reason to continue to buy Glory packs.

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