New chest opening option: Determine troop role

Why am I even still typing in this category? It won’t reach anyone who matters…

[short version: Triple to quintuple key costs to receive only troops of a specified role]

The chances to receive a troop have been constantly lowered over the years and are at a point, where opening chests is not more than an act of masochism, when you have nothing less painful to do for a couple of hours. Don’t remember the exact numbers, but I think, for rare troops in gold chests, it was one in thousand recently. The other rarities and chest types won’t do much better.

We got event chests, to get around that problem to a certain degree at least, but having those come around one or two times a year is not enough to help, and those too have ever lower chances to drop troops with every cycle.

Obtaining troops outside the introduction phase or without soulforge is becoming increasingly worse. Would you want to be a new player under these conditions? I would not.

I suggest, that for three to five times the price in keys (no matter if gold, glory, gem or [Edit: NOT event]), you can choose to only receive troops, that have a specified role, you can choose, like Defender, Mage, Striker.
It does not narrow down things quite as much as event keys, but at least brings you back to a halfway decent chance to get the troop, you are looking for.

It feels so pointless to type here. If posts are not read by or forwarded to the development, why don’t you simply remove the category?
I hate this game and the people, who are behind it.


possible reasons for not implementing community ideas:
does it generate the company “m0ney”? yes/no
does it mean additional “w0rk”? yes/no
does any of the devs actually know how to implement such a thing? yes. no haha, jk :smiley:

On this particular thing: the devs aren’t even able to raise the number of chests/keys being opened simultaneously because it would break the gameservers… So…


At least this part may be incorrect. The thing I ask for is not that different from event chest, in that it limits the pool of possible chest draws (just with role instead of kingdom as the factor). Even if they drove that qualifier through a weekly cycle too, it would still mean an improvement.
Of course it could be, that the people who knew how to program chests have left years ago.

The amount of spent keys would effectively decrease, I suppose. So bad suggestion in this way. But if you put the key multiplier for this at x10 or higher, you end up with the situation of soulforge medal transformation, where it is just way more cost efficient to keep using the lesser variant than the feature.

The main problem about the questions you ask about this however is, that you assume, there is any form of rational and organised behaviour about what the people in development do.

Let’s ask this instead:
If you throw this suggestion on the pile of other suggestions, ideas and pending bugfixes, would anyone at Infinity be bored enough to do it, when they are supposed to work on something else entirely?

This approach would skew distribution tables in a way that nobody familiar with the topic would ever allow to happen. To give an example, if you were to roll on the Mage role in Dhrak-Zum, every pull would be guaranteed to hand out a mythic troop (Fallen Valdis or Obsidius). No way, not even for 100 keys each pull.

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Thanks for pointing that out. Yes, I kind of overlooked, that when you break it down to single kingdoms, the selection becomes thin already. You could say, turn pulls on empty rarities into ressource drops, but completely leaving out event keys from the idea might be better.

Maybe it would be an idea to exclude one or two colors of your choice and then only get troops that dont have the selected colors…

But hey that’s still IP2/505 we are talkin here about. Such things will never happen :wink:


What you rather want to ask for is rarity chests, in two flavors:

  • A minor common/rare/ultra-rare/epic/legendary/mythic chest. It pulls one standard random troop of that rarity.
  • A major common/rare/ultra-rare/epic/legendary/mythic chest. It pulls one standard random troop of that rarity, restricted to the ones you own the least of. Meaning if there are eligible troops of that rarity you don’t own, you’ll get one of those.

There would probably be a pretty hefty price tag involved, and possibly some limitation on how many of those chests you could obtain each week.