Event key legendaries should not have a 4 week not in chests period

Okay, I get why glory troops have 4 weeks where they aren’t in chests. You can get them pretty easily just by spending glory, and it encourages people to spend their glory.

The direct-to-event-chests legendaries, however, are another story. Some people don’t even get these. What’s the logic behind making these unavailable in chests for 4 weeks following release? You’re already going to have people spending their event keys trying to get it, maybe even up to mythic. Last week I spent over 200 event keys (some having to be purchased with gems) trying to get a single copy of Tesla. With another event key exclusive and virtually no event keys saved up, it’s going to be a nightmare to obtain Sekhma. To add insult to injury, those of us who don’t obtain one have to wait 4 weeks for a chance at one. Why?

I think the straight to event chests troops should be immediately put into chests the following week. I see no reason why there needs to be a waiting period.

  1. Excellent Point!
  2. If you need to: you can trade 180 Glory for 1 Event Key plus some other worthless items via ‘Spoils of War’. This will keep you from dipping into your Gems pool.

I agree. The chance of pulling the latest legendary at this point in the game through something other than an event key during the event is already abysmally low (conservative estimates are about 1/7k glory keys after Sekhma) to dissuade people skipping any new legendary and hoping for the best with the shotgun method. Crafting may or may not indirectly address the forced wait by giving another path to obtain it immediately if you missed it during the event or if you don’t want to go fishing with event keys, but at this point more or less seems like it is a just a hold over from when the legendaries were “guaranteed” glory purchases. The four week not in chests period is clearly meant to be activity hook to punish people for missing weeks, but new event legendaries are basically more of a resources check on the week in question with a mix of RNG, like new mythics, and new kingdoms legendaries, which don’t have this restriction.

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