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Can we bring a Puzzle Mode to GoW?

I’m thinking that this could be a Mini-game based out of one of the Kingdoms with a large military power, maybe Silverglade, as the Elves would certainly be ones to spend time focusing on Tactical Analysis and how to defeat enemies in ANY situation.

MODE: Tactical Analysis
Function: A predetermined game board with specific troops and conditions against a specific enemy with set conditions. The game can be won in a set number of turns but only if you make the correct moves and meet the requirements.

Example: Victory Conditions: Defeat the opponent in 2 turns without losing an ally unit.

Your first troop is Gorgotha, he’s fine, second troop is Mercy she only needs 2 mana to cast, third troop is a Peasant who is on fire and only has 3 Life left, and 4th troop is Sacrifical Priest with 50% mana.

Your enemies troops are all burning and have 6 Life left.

The board would be set in such a way that a match 4 would be available that would fill Mercy allowing you to cast her cleansing your Peasant and keeping him alive, but also filling your Sac Priest. You would have to NOT cast him or fail. Take a safe match 3 give the board to the enemy causing 3 dmg. One more safe match 3, pass the turn again and the enemy succumbs to the fire dmg for the final 3 points.

This would be a VERY fun game mode and of course the challenges could become ridiculously more complex than my above example, but you get the picture.

Who’s in on this?