Try the Treasure Hunt practice game [beta]

Hey guys, I originally started to play GoW as research for a tactical match 3 RPG I am
developing. I think this game has some cool mechanics, and I especially enjoy
the treasure hunting mini game (even though maps are a waist of glory and the
rewards are not that great). So as a little side project I recreated the
mini-game so that I don’t have to spend my precious glory to play it. I made
this mostly for my own amusement and to practice my programming skills, but
what the heck, maybe some of you guys might enjoy it to. This is just a
prototype so the graphics and animations are super simple, but if enough people
enjoy it, I might make a new version with some effects, animations and better
interface. Off course you won’t get any keys or gold for playing it, but it does
give you hi-score when you are done, based on the values of the gems on your

Check it
out here


Ok, I tried it, it feels more “generous” than the actual treasure hunt (at least, I felt like it lasted quite a while).

If you want to explore a lot of different match-3 games, I suggest you check out Bejeweled, which is probably the best one out there and has a LOT of various modes.

I managed to score: 23977

Good job on the coding.

Thanks for the comments. I have logget more than 50 hours in to Bejeweled 3 ^^ I get easily addicted to good match-3 games, so the idea behind the game i am working on is to take all the best elements from the best match-3 games out there and mash them together to something new. I have drawn a lot of inspiration from games like Puzzle&Dragons, Puzzle Quest, Puzzle Kingdoms, Bejeweled, Gems of War, and even Huniepop. Hopefully it won’t take to much longer until i have something that is ready to show to people.

When you say Puzzle Kingdoms do you mean this one?

Nice game! :smiley:

looks like i miss-remembered, i was actually thinking of Puzzle Craft. Puzzle Kingdoms kinda sucked(sorry to everyone
Infinite Interactive).

I just started playing Puzzle Craft 2 and it’s super addictive, just like the first one.

Funny! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: