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Can someone explain this lethal damage?

Here is screenshot of my guild wars battle from today. Screenshot is descend of enemy Reflection of Good explosion. That skull match killed my hero. I simply don’t understand why?

If hero was burning and the skull dealer was enemy hero, then I would understand because triple damage to burning enemies (Sunspear) but the skull damage dealer is Amarok who has 67 attack, and my hero has 207 combined health. Anybody has any idea?

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Anyone? Did the game just bug or is there explanation why my hero died with just a 3 gem skull match?

Defence has Amarok as first troop.

What are you trying to say? He didn’t devour me, Amarok hit me with a 3 gem skull match which should have resulted normal damage and not kill me. 67+5+ couple more damage points as the doomskull explodes couple normal skulls too.

Lots of gems going to match in that screenshot. Other than the skulls you’re mentioning, there are a 3 and a 7 red matches. Also, AI is gonna get an extra turn. Are you sure those matches didn’t cascade into other skull matches? Are you sure your hero wasn’t killed in the ensuing extra turn? (Most likely by Amarok, that will now be filled). Hard to tell what happened from a single frame, really, maybe you also have a video?

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Infact I do have a video. The thing happens around 5:35. I watched it several times with 25% speed and what I see, it is that skull match what kills my hero. Amarok then gets full with those red matches and eats my Yao next.

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Well, I don’t have an explanation for you. That looks like a straight up bug. Amarok only has 67 attack and wasn’t enraged, your hero wasn’t hunter’s marked… just bizarre.

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@awryan Maybe take a look at the picture in the OP. That is the cascade and there is only 3 gem skull match which should result around 70 damage, not 207 damage what my hero HP is.

I did. Your picture sucked.
So did mine at full speed so I deleted it.
Then slowed it down frame by frame.



@awryan thx for those pictures! Do you know how do I report this?

Holy crappity crap. Someone in my guild is saying that Sunspear/Archer etc traits affect top troop. If that is true, then I understand how this happened. So basically those 5 gem matches with reds tick Amarok 3rd trait and it burns my hero. Then he hits the skulls and infact it is just enough to kill my hero with triple damage to burning enemies.

But AFAIK those traits work only for hero, no? This is pretty big deal if those traits work for any top tank…

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They don’t.

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Under title you’ll see categories.
I suggest you make a new thread about it. But once you choose the bug report category it’ll generate a template for the questions the devs want you to answer.

Same bug

I think the bug triggers when you simultaneously match any color and doomskull and that doomskull explodes another skull. The game registers as multiple skull matches

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As someone mentioned it before it’s a big. The fire blade thing is only for the hero. Your hero should not have died.


I have posted many bug reports on this issue over the last couple years. A few other bugs as well, but no one cares. Probably why I quit playing xbox and dont really care on switch.

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Only thing that cames to my mind, that doomskull damage sometimes gets amplified if there’re some extra match 5s on similiar turn…

But thing is -> nobody knows what’s the real formula for skull damage -> each doomskull involved into the equation sometimes results in some extra damage being done than the usual +5, which isn’t affected by any reduce skull damage traits.
Heck , sometimes doomskull explosion damage can hit 2nd troop, if 1st troop dies from skull damage. Seen that lately on arena, where 1 skull match killed last 2 troops from enemy team.