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[Reported] Instant kill with no reason

Platform, device version and operating system:
Screenshot or image:

**What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened.
I casted egg thief and the first picture is what landed. I did not expect it to kill troop with what landed.

**How often does this happen? When did it begin? I have seen it in the past but happened 2 matches in a row since update happened.

Steps to make it happen again
I just casted egg thief and the first cascade killed troop.


did your hero class have Hunt/Hunter’s Mark?

He’s using Orbweaver so no.

Here is another

this is what landed after an egg thief cast and then this happened.
no 4 ofs on board

How could you tell? I didn’t see anything in those screenshots.

@Earnham: there is a way to submit a video with bug reports. I have no idea how it works with consoles, but don’t delete the video you took. If/when the devs see this they should be able to help you send them the video. That’ll speed up whatever bug-hunting they need to do.

Trait thumbnails on the hero.
@Earnham What’s the talent loadout of your hero?




I have videos of both instances. Orbweaver hero class in the 80’s. Nothing on the tree that could do this.

It’s about which talents might be causing this even though they shouldn’t be causing this, so it would be important to know your exact talent allocation.

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Yeah, there’s 2 reasons to ask for the specific talents:

  1. To double-check there isn’t one that could be doing this (which is impossible, really.)
  2. To see if we can reproduce it so we can use it in GW and file a bug report on Monday.

That got a pretty good chuckle out of me.


Maybe doomskull is +500 damage now on xbox. You know, like EoE had that 10% chance for a frog :joy_cat:


Hey I got one too… Same exact thing, images and video incoming

Initial board before everything happens

It happened to me as well, more than once. The enemy Team triggered the Egg Thief, and I somehow lost one or two of my troops at full health. There’s something going on there for sure.

Egg Thief cast

Result after explosions of Egg Thief

This is exactly what exploded and what got matched.
1 3x skull including a doom skull which also explodes two more skulls nearby. (plus some irrelevant color gem matches)

Enemy with 108 total health dies out of a 48? Attack

Is your Corsair class level 100?

No, it’s level fifty something. It had these at the time of recording:
1 Snap Freeze, 2 Knife Throwing, 3 Light Fingers, 4 Backup, 5 Gale Force.

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