[Reported] AI instant kill through barrier

This one is on switch

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Pic 1: ai about to match skull and I have barrier on egg thief and hero.
Pic 2: what drops after they take skulls. Egg thief and hero still have barrier.
Pic 3: instead of just dropping my barrier, their troop kills me. It’s not even enough damage to kill me without a barrier.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Stuff like this happens all the time if you pay attention. I see it the most with the key team.

Steps to make it happen again
Play gems of war.

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wow, thats crazy. this is very closely related if not the same issue as this bug linked below.

but no where has someone nailed a video yet… that would be great to see

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I am the one who posted that one as well, lol.
I have videos of all of them and more. Videos of visual bugs, videos of converts that dont match properly even though there are 5 gems in a row I lose turn, etc.


You’re the solution then.
Please, post those videos, especially about lost extra turns.
This bug is very hard to catch.

Thank you.


why are you holding back on us!! :joy: find the appropriately created bug report and post your videos, those are gold! putting a couple pictures together still includes doubt. we cant see what all traits triggered and other possibilities in between.

YES! lets see your lost extra turn video, there is a bug report for this already

EDIT: you also want to include as much time/data info as you can about your video so the devs can find that game log. this is how we can for real get bugs fixed and not just complain :slight_smile:


These kind of things started to happen when doomskulls came out. It has probably something to do with the order of events (especially the explosion of doomskulls).

The skipping extra turn bug was found and fixed if i remember well. I think it was because the doomskulls exploded first, which made the game not realise that a 4+ match was made and didn’t count an extra turn.

A similar issue is probably going on here with the barrier. My assumption: ai matches skulls so damage is done to your first troop (which kills him). Then the follow up combo of doomskulls explodes (making the barrier disappear) and finally the skull damage is inflicted, in that exact order. Now to make it completely crazy: the only explanation i can find is that the follow up skull hit (killing Egg Thief) is actually inflicted by (already dead) Goblin in first slot. He does double skull damage to humans. Was there a Goblin in the first slot of the enemy (or something else doing double skull damage vs humans)?

Crazy stuff there! Looking forward to more examples!


Hopefully this works. Here is the full video of this instance.


Here is one of the many videos I have of instant kill for me. I put the full videos so you can see everything.


This is a perfect example of the visual bug not being visual if it actually affects the spell.

Also I dont know who else notices this, but Tina hits the bottom 3 troops more often than any others. If all 4 troops are within kill range of tina then Tina kills the bottom 3 almost 80% of the time.


That last one was… weird.

Weaver should have killed the last troop regardless but you didn’t get an explosion. I had not heard of that before.

Made it a little easier for me to see and confirm.


Broken down screenshots of the 2nd video; it’s so fascinating:

Troop at full health, S.Key kills adjacent troops:

5 damage from S. Key; before Egg Thief cast:

Destroyed skulls (9 damage):

What lands:

Damage should be 32 (normal skull match) + 37 (3-skull match with Doomskull - is that right?) + 5 (exploded Doomskull) + 1 (secondarily exploded skull) = 75


No idea why the numbers ‘-34’ or ‘-24’ seem to show up.

Side note: why does the bottom row seem to land/materialise well ahead of the rest of the falling gems after a whole board destruction?



Thanks for the videos!!! These make me die on the inside a little but at least we have videos to help T__T


I’m assuming this is the right spot for this. Just had a disproportionate skull damage kill in L12 Explore with an Egg Thief team.

What fell:


Damage beforehand seemed pretty accounted for, so I didn’t get the sense it was a visual bug. Dark Maiden did give herself 41 Health at one point? But I don’t recall that being present in other cases.

I do have a 30 sec video, but don’t like uploading to Youtube and not sure where else to put it (Dropbox? Twitter like above? Idk, I’ve never really used Twitter).

It would state the correct amount of damage it received if it were visual bug. It would not say -50. It would be whatever its actual life was.

You have dervish set correct? Everyone runs hunt. You had a 4 of along with the skulls so I am assuming it was 2x skull damage. If you are able to slow the video or just keep pausing it you should be able to either see the mark or see your hero pop up hunt the same way it is showing monstrous kin now.

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Ah yeah, that makes sense. I’m not sure I’ll be able to see it in the video, but I reckon that accounts for this one.

@Earnham I’ve been discussing these issues with the team and they’d like some more information.

Can you please tell me what you mean by this so we can ensure we’re on the same page?
I’m not sure if you’re referring to a “known visual bug” which is actually known by the team, 1 that you’ve heard of but which we haven’t or are just making a comment about a bug not only being visual at all?

As this happened on Switch please go to the Switch menu, highlight Gems of War and then use the X button (or is it the Y button? Getting my controllers confused atm) to exit the game fully? Otherwise it just runs in the background. After doing this and re-opening the game some of your game data may update.

Where were you getting the skull damage issues? Explore? Delves? Both?

How much free memory does your device have?
How often do you exit the game from the menu? Or if you don’t do that, how often do you actually turn off the Switch (not just let it go to sleep mode)

EDIT: yeah you definitely need to at least restart the game from the menu we just screenshotted and zoomed in on one of your videos to find a visual glitch maybe that’s what you were talking about haha

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The visual bug was when a troop had taken damage but was not showing until you click on the actual troop. If you compared the life of the troop it will show the actual life when you look at the troop details compared to the life before the last damage was dealt when looking at the full battle screen. Sometimes a troop would actually be dead and would not die visually until the next action was taken. (Visual bug)

I was showing with the arachnean weaver video that it is not just a visual bug if it affects game play. Weaver killed the troop, but because of the delay in the troops death, weavers spell did not get the effect after killing a troop to explode gems.

As for the instant kills. I get them on both switch and xbox. I never get them from just matching skulls. It’s always on a cascade from what I can tell. I have had them in every game type. I see them the most in pet battles because I always use key team and it’s easy to spot.

I do all updates. I completely shut down the game twice a day. I either force quit on xbox or close the app on switch. I also shut down my switch entirely once a week.

I bought my switch specifically to play gems of war and nothing else. I have never played anything else or downloaded anything else so I assume I have at least 90% of memory left.

Anything else you need just let me know.