[Reported] Instant kill with no reason

Egg Thief cast

Result after explosions of Egg Thief

This is exactly what exploded and what got matched.
1 3x skull including a doom skull which also explodes two more skulls nearby. (plus some irrelevant color gem matches)

Enemy with 108 total health dies out of a 48? Attack

Is your Corsair class level 100?

No, it’s level fifty something. It had these at the time of recording:
1 Snap Freeze, 2 Knife Throwing, 3 Light Fingers, 4 Backup, 5 Gale Force.

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I don’t know how to upload a video here, this is a link to it.

Why are we complaining :rofl: I think this karma giving you back that game that you lost because RNG or spent 10min trying to kill the op hero :sweat_smile:

Here is another after egg thief cast.

After skulls match.

The issue always involves a skull match with doom skull. I have a feeling every exploded skull counts as a separate skull match

When they added Doomskulls to the game they didn’t really bother changing the AI behaviour or mechanics much. Haven’t done since either.

I guess we should feel somehwhat glad? You can sometimes leave odd Doomskull matches on the board because the AI doesn’t really know what they do.
Don’t try this at home in GW though :laughing:

Possibly related – and I always kind of wanted this one followed up on anyway:

Visual display issue with Harpy Mage having 48 Life instead of 70 as shown.

Oh god, I just read all those posts from last year before realising.

Any particular steps you took or weirdness you noticed to make this happen @Jonathan?
Also which game mode is that?


@Kafka Sorry, I kind of cross-posted from here :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: (but half-successfully):

I just thought there was a chance it might be related.

This was a Level 12 Explore in Suncrest – 4x speed, Android (old-ish).

No particular weirdness that I recall, tbh – this was just after an Egg Thief cast, so I noticed damage being taken from destroyed skulls, but the Life value not changing. Before that, I would have probably cast Skeleton Key, killing the bottom enemy and damaging Harpy Mage. Probably.

I’ll keep an eye out and let you know if I see it again or find a way to reproduce it reliably.

@Earnham do you still have any of those videos? I’d be interested to see if something similar happened prior to the Egg Thief insta-kill from.your original post.

I dont think the bug in the op is just visual, as you can see multiple damage instances are dealt which are shown by the red numbers

I’m not necessarily against the “each skull exploded by a Doomskull counts as a separate skull match” explanation; in trying to see whether or not it fits every example though, this one doesn’t quite seem to make sense:

I’m seeing a 45(?) and a 20 in the overlapping damage counters (or maybe a 40 and a 25):

If we assume that 1x skull hit = 45 damage, and the Doomskull exploded two extra skulls, 3 * 45 (= 135) still doesn’t add up Terraxis’ remaining health of 151. No idea about the 20, either (maybe it’s a combination of two bugs :man_shrugging:).


The visual bug happens every other match. It’s very common. It is not exactly visual though because when it happens on the death blow the troop does not die immediately until something else happens. Ever seen that lag in a troop that you just killed and it’s still sitting there looking at you until you move and then it just pops?

I have videos of all this stuff. I have a video of arachnean weaver getting a kill, but because of the lag in the troop dying from the “visual” bug, the troops popped about half a second after the troop had died and I never got the explode from weaver on the kill.

Also here is another insta kill.

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I don’t know who I am supposed to be replying to.

Visual bugs and instant kills. I posted another instant kill above. It did not follow any visual bug. The troop it killed was at actual full health.

I dont know if the visual bug is actually visual. When it’s the final blow on the “visual” bug the troops dont die until the next action. This series of pictures shows the events in progress.

This first one is weaver full on mana ready to go.

Now firing weaver

After the hit

It switches to ai turn and their troop pops and I get no explosions from weaver spell.

AI continues to match gems with no explosion.

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I am getting weird instakills with a similar team while boosting dervish.

Another instant kill. Let me know if you need anything else. This one I show the damage beforehand so you can rule out visual bug.

As I cast egg thief

Damage dealt from 9 skulls being destroyed
What landed
1 skull match killing

I’m going to reply to the other thread so that the devs don’t accidentally go through posts from last year:

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