Full Board Explosion With Skulls But No Damage [KNOWN ISSUE]

Platform, device version and operating system:

Screenshot or image:
I have recorded videos of this bug on my profile on Xbox. Same handle.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
With every gem on the board being exploded using Egg Thief (7 gems with boost +68), the skulls on the board should be doing damage to the first enemy. Sometimes, this just doesn’t happen. The board blows up but the first enemy does not take any of the skull damage. The sound effect also sounds different - instead of a hit sound, it just makes a duller sound. And the enemy does not have any Evade trait either. Watch the videos and you will see.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
This happens once in awhile. I would say once or twice during a battle, and occurs in one battle in maybe every 3. Like everything would be working fine as expected, then this bug happens for one or two full explosions during the battle.

Steps to make it happen again
LOL unfortunately, it just happens on its own.

You’ll need to post videos of this claim for anyone to be able to verify its occurrence and track down its cause.

I would guess this is a known visual bug. Next time it happens, click on the troop in question and look at the troop on the pop up. It will represent the true amount of health it has while the one on the battle screen still shows the visual bug amount.

If it turns out to be an actual bug you will need a video of this happening and you checking the pop up within the same video.


^ I was going to say that. Its a visual bug AFAIK, very irritating one but still only visual.

A visual bug is, well, still an actual bug. Less serious maybe, but still annoying and potentially misleading in judging your next move.

Thank you for the responses. I wouldn’t even have thought to check for a visual bug. I checked my videos and yes, it is indeed a visual bug. The card shows a different stat than the battle screen.


There is a long list of bugs that have not been fixed in years. I did not mean to discount the visual bug, just stating it has been a known bug report in the works.

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