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Can somebody please help me understand soul grinding?


Using Pharos-ra, pharos-ra, TDS, Warlock.

Playing on Warlord 3 difficulty. According to my math I should be getting 900+ per match, what I don’t understand is how the game does the math that equals to me only getting 720…


So you team has a cap at 40+60+60+20 from base 2 ras and warlock.

Warlord 3 diff gives a 100% soul boost. You other bonus give a total of 200%.

180 cap add 300% is 180*4 which is 720.

How did you get 900?

Starting with a base cap of 40 souls, Necromancy adds 50% (20) and Necro Master adds 150% (60) each. This raises your soul cap to 180 (40,20,60,60). After the battle your 200% in soul bonus (armour, guild & VIP) and the 100% warlord 3 bonuses are added on. If you reached max souls you’ll receive 180 + 300%(180*3) which is 720. Hope this helps.

Hahaha. I was taking 100 as the base, it has been a while that I forgot it is 40. :smiley: :smiley:
Thanks everybody.

If there is a better way to farm I would love to hear it but this is the best I can think of at the moment.

Unless you’re already running Warlord 3 with a speed team, consider running a speed team.

What is an example of a speed team? TDS/ra/ra/warlock takes about a minute on Warlord3.

Ideally a speed team should only take a few moves to complete. The idea is the more runs you can get in the more souls you can collect per hour. I don’t have a really great speed team yet because I’m pretty early game, but I think I saw Tacet recommend Ra-Ra-Valk-Ra as the best soul farming team. Although yours isn’t too far off. If you could speed up your runs significantly by reducing the difficulty I’d consider that as well.

I only have 2 copies of Ra or I’d use that. Reducing the difficulty to Warlord2 decreases the time by about 5-9 seconds, and anything lower and my TDS will wipe out before collecting enough souls so I think the team I have is unfortunately the fastest.

After doing some math, with where I’m at and the average it takes me to complete a battle, I should have DB crafted in 20 hours of play time.

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