How many souls for 3x Pharos ra?

I pulled one from a chest and one from the forge FINALLY…was going to craft a third…right now with all my bonuses I am getting 765 souls for one battle on warlord 4…what will that get boosted to with an extra ra?

Not worth it. I get 640 from one Ra and three guys with Necromancy on Warlord IV, VIP 6 and Deathknight Armor).

thank you for the reply, but that really don’t answer my question.

No one can answer your question because we don’t have your VIP level, your armor or any information with what other troops (=aka “do they have Necromancy?”) you are fighting these battles. If your VIP and armor are so good that you’re only in there with the two Pharos-Ras and not further Necromancy troops, of course adding a third will have a much larger impact than if you switch out a Necromancy troop for one. How are we supposed to calculate anything without knowing these things?

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That’s right, Sorry I forgot to add them, TDS earns the souls, keeper of souls with necromancy,2 pharos ra, celestial armor.and again…playing on warlord 4.

We’ll get there, maybe…

  1. How much soul bonus do your guild statues give? You failed to mention that as well.
  2. Your VIP level is 0 then? I know some people are uncomfortable telling their VIP level out loud, but still…
    (Seriously, please just click on your bonus button and tell the percentage numbers.)
  3. Are you looking to replace Keeper of Souls or TDS?

Tacet did a video earlier today. Warlord 4, 4 pharos and 1120 souls I think it was.
3 pharos was 900 odd I think.

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got it close enough , thank you.

I already have an estimate…thank you anyway

3x Ra with Valk gets 825 souls on Warlord 4 with celestial and no vip bonus.

You know with x2 Pharos (and maybe one Necromancy-guy?) you get 765 in W4.
Just switch one Pharos with a Necromancy-guy, check how many X souls you get, and 765-X will be your answer (i.e. adding a Pharos instead of a Necromancy-guy).

1100 souls be match. Yum yum.



This is 3 trophy PVP, so I’m also getting 4500 Gold and 6+ Glory!


What team you using for that ?

In the future… You could always just ask to see this. Now that it’s a thing.

Dragon Soul, 3 Pharos Ra. Abyssal banner.

Cast TDS until 2-3 Ra are full. 1 shot enemies to win.


just for the fun of it, went to see what was the most “souls” I could get and reached 1260 on one explore match with 4 X Pharos-ra

  1. grats on having 4 Pharos
  2. How long did that match take you? 5 minutes? lol