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Mathematicians: I need your help!

Ok, I am trying to determine if I should craft a second Pharos Ra.

Right now I am running this team:

I am speed running explores on Warlord 1 and gaining 455 per battle.

Here is pertinent info:
VIP: 25%
Armor: 100%
Guild: 50%
Warlord 1: 50%

Soul max: 140
Warlord 1: 455

What would the soul gain look like with this team:


Thanks for the help!

The base souls increases to a maximum of 180,
total souls to 585 (increase of 28.7%).

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I think I will hold off… those crafting resources are hard to come by…


If you are a fairly early game player with many troops to level up and also Dawnbringer still to craft then I would say get the 2nd Pharos for sure. If troops already leveled and already crafted Dawnbringer then I would say better off crafting something else.

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I am end game, have all troops except Wulfy, Highforge, Xany, and a couple of the new troops that went straight to the chest.

But I need souls for DB and to finish troop leveling.

I thin’ I can manage with a single Ra for now…