Can i have help prioritising remaning mythics please

The following are the remaning mythics i need. I still need a Forest of Thorns mythic and Yasmine’s Chosen has already been in this SF cycle so itll be King Bloodwood that is top of the list but after that i have no idea.

Flame of Anu
Ketras the Bull
King Bloodwood
Pharaoh Nefertani
The Worldbreaker
Voice of Orpheus
Yasmine’s Chosen

thank you :slight_smile:


The rest.

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You will likely get almost as many different answers as you have Mythics left that you need.
The ones on your list i use or have used : Ketras, Pan, Worldbreaker Umenath, Yasmine. King Bloodwood can be good.
I would prioritize on the ones you need for kigndom power.
Gemologica is a free website that can help you with that, it is personalized to your game. I highly recommend it.


From that list, my opinion is that Ketras is probably the best guy. And not by a small margin. But I also agree with the notion that you ought to prioritize kingdom power levels and where you need the mythics to get past those particular “gates” first.

From the rest of your list? I’ve used some of them in a variety of (mostly less-effective) teams. I’m a big fan of Yasmine – she’s the first mythic I ever crafted and I still use her semi-regularly in a variety of modes. And both Voice of Orpheus and Pan see some amount of use in GW Bracket 1, so they’re probably worth the investment as well and not just for that narrow usage.


The good news is that you aren’t missing anything essential.

  1. Whatever you need for kingdom power
  2. Umenath
  3. Voice of Orpheus

(Pan and Ketras are ok, but need specific teams built around them to be effective, making them more niche. I like the Yasmine’s Chosen rec - of the rest, she’s probably the best general purpose Mythic.)

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I agree that ketras is the stand out guy of that list because he is great in doom and factions or anywhere where enemies have huge stats (use with yasmines pride weapon). Ullor has uses and so does vash dragon but the ever increasing grind means speed is king and most of those mythics aren’t really gonna help in that regard. A shout out to voice of orpheus who is becoming a petless legend reborn of late. The current status effect overload with gargoyle gems, lycanthropy etc make VoO a strong support troop in guild wars.

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Of those listed, I find I use Pan the most as a World Event troop during Wildfolk or Beast events. 2*Magic to 3 targets + Spell Damage medal means its basically clearing 3 targets per cast for a very long time.

Ketras the Bull is also viable. Last seen as a Red Guild Wars defense option before Books took over and killed most defensive options.

Umenath is also used occasionally

Voice of Orpheus has fringe use


Pan gets no love. I haven’t played gws in a couple of months, but prior to that the beast team hadn’t lost a single battle since he released.

Forest Guardian
Moon Rabbit


As already said, kingdom power first at this point…after that my opinion on the troops you need…

Doomclaw–Priority LOW (one of only 3 mythics I am missing…but it is not a great troop)

Flame of Anu–Priority LOW (Skip. I have never used this troop oustsidde a few battles…skip skip skip)

Ketras the Bull–Priority Medium(a year ago I’d say this guy first on your remaining troops…but I don’t use him hardly at all anymore. Still can pop up in event restrictions and can hit like a truck)

King Bloodwood–Priority Low (just does not hit hard enough or have strong enough traits to get used much)

Pan–Priority Medium (underrated troop that hits like a truck in events, and has some use in PVP)

Pharaoh Nefertani–Priority LOW (just not useful)

Plague–Priority Low (does not even add to a kingdom, and will not get used much)

The Worldbreaker–Priority Medium (underated troop that gets used in some events, and is good on some looping teams)

Ullor–Priority Medium (Decent troop that gets overlooked in some PVP settings)

Umenath–Priority Medium (In events its a one shot troop…and he has some use in pvp)

Vash’Dagon–Priority Medium (fun troop, and can make some decent explore 12 teams with him. He also is so much different than other troops he can be fun to use)

Vernalis --Priority Low (see king bloodwood)

Voice of Orpheus–Priority Medium (old troop that can really help against hard status teams. I used him in delves as well)

War–Priority Low (see plague)

Wulfgarok–PRiority Low (Just does not hit hard enough, and have to work hard to make him work)

Yasmine’s Chosen–Priority Low (see King Bloodwood)

Zilopochtl–Priority Low (can work on some teams but ultimately a skippable troop)

In the end I would focus on getting two mythics for each kingdom, then the medium priority troops…then just grab as they come after that.


Ketras>vash>kingdom power

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wow thank you for all the answers, there is a lot to read, i will get to this in the morning, its curently 3am my time

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Whichever comes first.

Umenath I still see fairly regularly as a top spot in book defenses in br1 gw.

Ketras used to be on a good red day def team, seen Ullor paired with the blue book to bury people with freezes if it casts.

You can put Yasmine’s Chosen under Beetrix to eat up brown gems and create green to keep Beetrix’ loop going for green gw attack. Note that Wild Queen and Sycorax both fill this exact purpose as well, if not better.

Just yesterday used Voice of Orpheus’ cleanse to get me through 5 games of Elementalist class/book teams. Without him I would have surely lost.

Vash Dagon is pretty good for cursing on a brown centric Irongut delve leveling team, you can always just devour whatever is cursed and not have to worry about immunities.

Everything else on your list is garbage and should only be bought for kingdom power purposes. The most useful ones on your list are Voice of Orpheus and Umenath imo. That’s assuming you care about Guild Wars, if you don’t then just get whatever you need for kingdom power.


This post pretty much nails it. I only disagree on Yasmine’s Chosen (as noted above, she’s decent and even at high level is usable like @Phillip said) and Wulfgarok (I didn’t flag him in my post, but I actually use him on the few delves where Irongut and Amarok are unavailable).

Judging by how many mythics are listed by the OP then I don’t consider this the shrewdest approach because it’s very unlikely they have a mountain of diamonds at their disposal. Far better to focus on kingdom progression and / or troops they may actually use.

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OP has asked a question. I answered the way I did it. No need for us to have a contest. I got everything, you got everything. OP has its own mind to decide which approach he/she will follow.

OP did not eleborate whether he is having a problem with diamonds or whatsoever.

That is just my advise as a multiple mythic collector and I have no problem turning them into souls after I’ve got 4 copies.

I am not remotely being contentious or distespecting your comment. I am merely responding to your offering based upon what I believe to be obvious. I don’t have everything either and as such I forge what makes sense for me even if it means NOT forging when I can because it’s sensible for me to to maximise the potential of any diamond investment I make, and I apply this logic to forge weapons also. Its pointless wasting hard to come by resources like diamonds to enhance your collection regardless of the usability of your latest acquisition.