Can event key pull legendaries?

i have something like 6 event key and have pulled out every wild plains card except hydra, i was thinking of using them in the hope of finaly getting all the card in a kingdom but if it’s not possible at all i’d rather not waste them, so is it possible to pull hydra or would i just end up with more skeleros dupes?

well i just pulled hydra with 3 event keys so uh…

yeah i guess legendary CAN be pulled with event keys

Yeah, chances get the event Legendary is quite bigger tho. Hydra this week. Well done!

Easily the most likely way to get the Legendary you need, but it’s far from a guarantee. I got my one and only Hydra this way (took me 13 keys). Good luck.

Yes it can and is tuned to pull the featured legend one you see in the picture).