Class Event Shop First Tier vs Event Keys

I’m thinking that the first tier of the class event shop compares favorably to buying 2 event keys with your 30 gems. Are the troop rarity probabilities roughly the same, in your experience?

(I need the legendary from this week’s event kingdom on my platform, and it happened to align with the weekly class event.)

The only time you’ll ever get anything useful from a Event shop is when you’re not expecting it or never, which ever comes first.


I tell ya, been getting that vibe from event keys lately too though. My past month (small sample size disclaimer, averaging about 70 event keys/week, while buying to tier 3 on raids/invasions):

event shops: Got one Yao Guai

event keys: Got one Taloca, 2x Yao Guai (after I pulled the one from the event shop)

and all the rest garbage. With stats like that, might as well take the extra sigils and fish for class rewards?

Only time to use event keys is to get one copy of the event legendary of the month, then use a minor blue to mythic it.

How do you fill out your legendary collection without spending event keys though?

I don’t have a ton of faith in the general gem/glory/guild key pool, since I’ve gotten about as many repeat Legendaries from those sources as ones I’ve needed.