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Advice for upcoming event keys

I’m having a little dilemma. With the new kingdom and its event next week, it seems like a good place to use event keys for all the new troops. But my problem is that, according to the schedule, Broken Spire is next and I really want to try and get Infernus. I have around 5K diamonds but I really feel that I need to save those for Pharos Ra when he next shows up in the forge.

I have about 600 event keys and a good amount of gems.

I’d appreciate any advice or suggestions that anyone has.

My 2 cents, go for Infernus with your event keys. Yeah, it would be great to get all the troops for the new kingdom, but the rarest ones are legendary, so not super hard to get your hands on.

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Infernus would be a better investiment, but with only 600 events keys it’s unlikely that you would pull him. If memory serves me well people reported using more than 1000 keys and still didn’t got a Mythic. It’s all about being luck/unlucky…

I think using around 300 event keys for the new kingdom chould get you all cards and then you could try your luck with Infernus. As you can imagine it would be very disappointing to use all your event keys and still miss both Infernus and the Legendary troops from the new kingdom.


I understand it’s a long shot. The thing that I’m having a hard time with is, say I spend 100 event keys on the new kingdom and the rest for Infernus, if I don’t get him I will convince myself that the it would’ve been one of the hundred keys I spent the week before.

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For what it’s worth, I pulled Abysinnia last week with 200 event keys and Elemaugrim a few weeks before that with only 50 event keys. Sounds like I got lucky, but my point is, it does happen. Get you an Infernus!

Basically that, but whatever you decide you shouldn’t worry too much about Pharos Ra, the soul gain is great and all, but you can still get a really decent amount of souls consistently without him. If you keep dedicated to a “self-imposed task” of farming souls everyday, if you are still missing Dawnbringer, you’ll manage it. Also you can always disenchant extra cards already at Mythic.

Out of Infernus, Pharos and the new kingdom, I would say Infernus is the highest priority.

Worth noting that you can also get the new troops via Glory and Gem Keys, just nowhere near as many and not likely in ‘max ascend immediately’ numbers.

Of course, you’ll feel dumb if you keep the Event Keys for Infernus and fail to get him, but that’s RNG…

Don’t waste event keys on a mythic. It wont happen in all likelihood. Use some event keys to get all new troops from new Kingdom and save the rest. Diamonds is a good place to get Infernas…

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He already missed Infernus rotation. Unless that was the end of the cycle and it has since restarted.

If you do try event keys for Infernus and don’t get him I would highly advise using your diamonds on him. Infernus has a chance of being in the soulforge on Monday and if he is I would craft him and spend event keys for Sin of Maraj troops. I don’t think Pharos Ra is that good of a troop I don’t have him and I have 2.2 million spare souls.

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How do you guys get so many souls and event keys? What am I doing wrong that I only get a few here and there?

Souls you get from having a good soul farming team.
Lots of keys you get from being in a high lvl guild that does plenty of legendary tasks.


Using Dragon soul a lot and Arena helps with souls. For about a year I never farmed souls but did a lot of arena and used Dragon Soul in every battle I did.

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