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Campaign configuration error causing loss of rewards

Platform, device version and operating system:

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I was expecting campaign tasks to impose the same time constraints as before, two days for the silver Adventurer task. The silver Adventurer task, and possibly the follow-up Dungeon Lord task, is blocking progress for three days this week.

It’s the final campaign week, so this bug will cause unaware players to get timed out of their final campaign rewards unless addressed quickly. I’m assuming this is a configuration error, not some nina move to pressure players into paying skip fees, there hasn’t been any announcement in regards to changes to the ongoing campaign.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Since this weekly reset.

Steps to make it happen again
Play the campaign.


The adventure board blocks three days, but with the dungeon task it’s actually a five day block.

I giggled at this post, but doubt it’s a bug. :frowning:


Most certainly working as intended. :cow2:


Only 4 if on day 3 you do AB first, then dungeon.

But either way, :poop:


Good point. Not sure if I should be happy its not five, when its still far too long!

So practically, a week-long thing, where you have to remember to at least pick up the game 4 of those days. Rather than just 1.

I spoke to the team about this issue. This isn’t a bug, but I have passed the feedback on.

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“The team”? Who is the team? Do any of them EVER listen to any feedback? Sure doesn’t seem like it


This bug report isn’t about tasks getting picked by RNG, this is about the task definitions themselves having silently been changed. They now require extra days to complete, on the final week of the campaign. This is bound to catch players by surprise, time gating them out of the final reward of their paid for elite pass.

I’ve removed the incorrectly assigned [NOT A BUG] tag. Please provide the team with correct information, it’s very distressing to see an issue with such a high impact treated like this.


I don’t understand this, what would you have expected them to do here? This isn’t the first time we have a 3 day AB task, we had it on week 1 of this campaign as well. Week 3 and 7 had 2 day tasks, so I guess the rule now is “AB tasks will be 1-3 days long”.

And all task changes are silent, they’ve never announced any task details. Maybe what you’re looking for is a support article detailing possible tasks? That could be an actionable request for the dev team.

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We only ever had it on that first week of the campaign, after which it never showed up again. There’s a very well established communication pattern in GoW, some game configuration gets messed up, it eventually gets fixed, the community manager swears on the bible that nothing ever got changed and people just don’t understand RNG. There have been way too many versioning issues in the past, this one is likely due to some beta data leaking in. It’s quite safe to assume there isn’t any random component in Adventure Board task length, they won’t have developed such a feature for a single of several dozens tasks, to be used once every few months.

You don’t secretly change competition rules as participants come close to reaching the finishing line, like adding an extra day detour to disqualify weekend players on the final lap. I’m actually pretty confident this one was unintentional, which doesn’t make it easier. IP2 is also known to use every stonewalling technique in the books to weasel out of repairing collateral damage they’ve caused. Like intentionally misreading a bug report, closing it off and ignoring it for a week, then claiming that they unfortunately can’t help players having missed out on their mythic troop because all data needed to handle this got deleted automatically at the end of the campaign.