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Campaign 2 Tasks - (Week 8 Updated)

After the kind words I received for producing infographics for the last campaign, I am pleased to tell you that the guides will continue for the next Campaign. Each week at reset, I will release the tasks with some tips on how to quickly complete each task. I’ve tried to gear the teams towards new to mid gamers as these are more likely to need tips on how to complete a task. Please feel free to share this Info with your guilds and if you have any tips of your own, please comment to help the community.

Week 1 - Grosh Nak

Week 2 - Mist of Scales

Week 3 - Darkstone

Week 4 - Divinion Fields

Week 5 - Dragons Claw

Week 6 -Dhrak Zum

Week 7 - Swords Edge

Week 8 - Drifting Sands
(Courtesy of Grundulum and Cky)


You’re quick with it

Arena run is 8 battles, not 6, as an update


I best go ninja edit that! Thanks @kanndae2003


Campaign 2 Week 1 Strategy

Make sure you save the entire Adventure Board for B10, two Event Keys for B8, the Dungeon for S3, and your weekly Ranked PvP for G2 and B4.

  1. We want to start by killing Orcs (G1) and matching Skulls (S1), so use a Skull spam team or Skull storm in Grosh’Nak Explore at D1+ (B1).
  2. Switch to an Axe for 4 wins (B2) in Grosh’Nak Explore or the World Event.
  3. Craft a Red Summoning Stone (B3).
  4. Earn 5 Glory from PvP (B4) – Casual PvP should be okay, or start on Ranked.
  5. Switch to Orc’s Banner (RN) for 4 wins (B5).
  6. Earn 200 Gold from battle (B6) – doesn’t have to be from one battle, I believe.
  7. Kill 13 Red enemies (B7) – Grosh’Nak Explore is fine.
  8. Open 2 Event Chests (B8).
  9. Switch to Barbarian Class for 4 wins (B9).
  10. Complete the Adventure Board (B10).
  11. Once 300 Skulls are matched (S1), you can move to Arena for at least 8 wins (S2).
  12. Then do your Dungeon (S3).
  13. Once your 44 Orcs are dead (G1), switch to Ranked PvP for 22 wins (G2) and your weekly climb to Tier 1.
  14. On Tuesday, do your Dungeon again (S3).
  15. Finally, win 15 times with a Grosh’Nak team (S4), probably in low difficulty Explore.

To help out other players, I suggest 4x Fel’Dras on PvP defence, just don’t try to fight it with a Red Storm or a red team: [6260,6260,6260,6260,3043,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,14033]


Fab info there @Starlite, The world event is also a great place to complete many of the tasks too

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Do you need to? I thought just leaving one task unfinished would be enough.


Thanks for compiling all of these again! :smiley:

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Not sure if you need to save the entire Adventure Board. I intend to do some testing. :slight_smile:

My intention is to do the whole board and see if it registers.

If someone else wants to test doing all but one task, that would be great!

Done. I did a few adventure board battles, then did 4 adventure board battles with Barbarian class to complete the task before AB task. So when I unlocked the AB task, I only had one battle on AB left to do. Completed that one and got the AB task completed. So, you don’t have to save the entire adventure board :slight_smile:

Note: I had the “Kill 100 troops” task completed before I started doing other AB battles too.


I did test this last campaign and saving 1 battle from the adventure board was enough as it looked for the final battle being completed Eg battle 12/12 won (Similar to Arena, Explore and Delve Runs Campaign Task Mechanics) , however this isn’t good practice and its very easy to get carried away and do the last battle on auto pilot so to speak. I specified ‘All Battles’ as this is what is listed in the game files and so may of been patched between Campaigns.


Might be hard to path, as depending from week, there’s a different number of tasks on AB, so it’s easier to check if “all are finished” rather than count each one done.
But there might be new tasks in future (do 9/10/11/12 adventure board battles) where such counting might occur.

If you finish them all before the quest appears, you definitely don’t get credit. Next week, I might try and see if doing them early, but finishing your 100 kills after the task is active makes any difference, though I doubt it – they seem quite independent.

I didn’t say it last campaign but let me add to whatever accolade you have gotten that your work on this has been tremendously helpful, thank you.

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She gets access to the tasks before most of us by being on the beta gems of war server.
She was just waits until reset to share the info with the rest of the community.

You are most welcome. I get great enjoyment in making these guides and giving back to the community that helped me grow as player.

And yes, since it wasn’t public knowledge, I am indeed lucky enough to be one of the beta testers, without that opportunity, I wouldn’t be able to create these guides in the time frame I can currently produce them. I do pay my keep with lots of bug testing.

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Re Adventure Board, I’ve been testing it throughout Campaign 1. The kill 100/150 task has no impact on the Campaign task. It triggers on completing all of the daily AB tasks (number of tasks irrelevant) and doesn’t care if you completed some of the daily tasks before the Campaign task triggered.


Thanks for that. I’ll keep it in mind for future weeks. :slight_smile:

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Week 2 Tasks - Mist of Scales


Forced vault key battle (I get it, Vault Weekend etc. etc.)
6 Dungeon battles

Not impressed, yet again