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Campaign Guide and Tasks (Week 10 Updated)

I’ve created a guide to the new Campaigns. Feel free to share with your guilds.

This guide was made specifically for the BDC alliance so you will see some mention of a discord channel that only BDC Guild members have access to but other than that it should prove useful to you and your Guild mates

Also here is full list of Campaign Tasks for Week One - Maugrim Woods

Here is a full list of Week Two - Ghulvania

Full list of Week Three’s Tasks - Silverglade

Full list of Week Four’s Tasks - Forest of Thorns

Full list of Week Five’s Tasks - Glacial Peaks

Full list of Week Six’s Tasks - Shentang

Full list of Week Seven - Karakoth

Full List of Week Eight - Blighted Lands

Full list of Week Nine - Sin of Maraj

Full list of Week Ten Tasks - Urskaya


Defeat 3 treasure gnomes, I’m hoping a vault key will work.

It shouldn’t do based on testing. It needs to be a naturally generated treasure gnome in battles outside of the vault…sorry

edit. Just tested and it did work :grimacing:


This is soooo minor I hate to even mention it, but it should be sunbird, imp jewel, firebomb firebomb so hero catches excess red and not firebombs.

yeah i know what you are saying, but you are only ever going to use Sunbird anyway but yes any weapon could go there in position 2, some like Black Manacles.

Fb is empowered. He won’t catch anything.

Fire Bomb actually dies after taking mana from its explosions, though before subsequent gem matches. Not intuitive like a lot of other mechanics.


Do you have full lvl 1 artifact lore?

Yes. Would you like this adding here? I can make another thread for Artifact Lore so it doesn’t get lost

edit: Here is the link to the new thread

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One more option for Pest control -> you can burn one Vault Key and finish it almost no time. (not everyone likes grind, even if it’s fast grind).


Just be advised if you do this you might be setting yourself back in the future, since we’ll apparently be needing the new legendary from the Vault for something.

i know, i usually spawn 3 or more pet gnomes/week(not counting the other ones), so i decided to play “as usual”
i’m just pointing that out for those, who are in a hurry/dont like grinding


Here is an updated graphic showing how to quickly complete tasks. As @Magnusimus states vault keys are a hard to come by resource so be sure you really want to spend it for this task. If you have the time to spare and would be doing explore anyway (perhaps for traitstone farming) then maybe see if you encounter treasure gnomes this way to complete the task. Whatever you find fun and suits your play style. Anyhow, here’s the graphic. Feel free to share with your guilds/alliances


one thing - although all my hero classes are @20, i’m 100% sure, Warden needs to be at least lvl 10, not 20 to count as kingdom/beast troop

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Yes class lvl 10 will do it, future weeks may be different though

naah, if there will be ghulvania team, you can use lvl 10 deathknight as well, if there’ll be undead team, you can use either deathknight or necromancer, any of those @lvl 10

thing i’m pointing out is, that hero class gains kingdom/type @ lvl10, not 20

@Sytro I know associated kingdom class to 10 will do it but during testing on one of the weeks, (whether intentional or not) battles only counted for kingdom team when class was lvl 20. This obviously was corrected before release but I’m just covering myself by saying the ‘future weeks may be different’. All my live Client classes are 20 too so I can’t test this but I’m confident from various reports that as we both agree level 10 works absolutely perfect this week for the task. I’m just one woman, trying to help out with a few guides :slight_smile: Happy gaming everyone


I’ve created a full list of Week 2 Campaign Tasks. Please feel free to share with your Guilds


Basically worth pointing out:

  1. Wait to do your Adventure Board until Bronze 8
  2. Wait to do your Dungeons until Bronze 2
  3. The free track is officially negative value on Event keys for this campaign. That didn’t take long.
  4. 60 turn Treasure Map on Bronze 6
  • -3 Purple Summon Stones as well

We’re only on Week 2 lol

The free track is so illogical. There’s no point in participation if the drain is more than the rewards…


This is what I advised players in my alliance:

Reminder It’s best not to do any of your Dungeons, Daily Adventure Board or Delves straight after Weekly Reset before getting through your Campaign Tasks on Monday, or at least waiting to see the list of Campaign Tasks so you can plan your game play.

This becomes more important as the weeks progress whereby you may need to do a few adventure boards and a few delves. You are of course, free to do whatever you wish but just trying to help out with offering advice to save you gems and stress :slight_smile: