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Campaign Ending: Phoenix Stone

If more (a lot more) people did what you do, this game might not have taken a nosedive last year :grimacing: We vote with our wallets, mainly, and sort of with our time.

Unfortunately, FOMO is strong. And some people genuinely enjoy the Campaign, which is cool. At least Free Track rewards aren’t the utter garbage they used to be, although they’re still not great.

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Ultimately, I buy the campaign pass because I want the elite pass goodies (don’t want to lag behind on kingdom power) and I guess the artifact is nice. This stuff (ridiculous tasks) is annoying, but not enough to make me not buy the next campaign pass.

I know I’m enabling them and it’s making me feel a bit resentful, but for now, I really want the goodies :hear_no_evil:

This is exactly what I’ve been saying the whole time. You do you. As long as you find the game fun then keep playing the game you want to play. If you feel the campaign rewards are worth it then buy the pass. It’s only fun until it’s not fun anymore. You like the game now so enjoy it. When the day comes and you feel the game isn’t worth your time anymore then just don’t play anymore.

What makes me laugh my a** off every single time is watching the people who hate the developers so much even going so far as calling them incompetent but yet is willing to spend more time playing this game in a day than I do in a week. Then (and here’s the kicker) they actually have the balls to go and tell other people to not play the game. Seriously, hypocrites like that can get bent.


Gambling industry's 'When the fun stops' slogan 'doesn't work'


@Saltypatra commented in stream that RNG dictates the tasks. She has let our frustration known to the team.

Here to say what @Snooj did.

There is a list of possible Campaign tasks, and RNG selects tasks from that list. I have passed the feedback onto the team, and they are looking into it for the future.

When I know more I will post again.


Okay, random and the team is not to blame…
But wouldn’t it make sense to go over what random has produced and amend situations like this week before letting it go live to avoid inevitable community backlash? Sometimes it seems like you enjoy being yelled at, called names and abused.

While I personally don’t care about a few stat points so I don’t fell as much hurt, there is absolutely no reason to talk pithcfork grabbing people out of what they’re doing - grabbing pitchforks. This final campaign week should’ve never happened - either make sure it takes only one day to finish all the week 10 tasks or make sure that bonuses last until week 1 of the next campaign.

Not surprising really. The implementation of campaign and world events has felt like the game being mostly put on auto control with randomly generated content.


Nobody ever asks for this.

Salty doesn’t make the decisions anyway. She could agree with us and the team decides differently. Even if she disagrees with us, that still wouldn’t warrant bullying.


On the plus side, it keeps getting easier to demonstrate to new players how customer-centric this company is (surely, the recurrent months-old feedback about 2-day tasks and weapon restrictions was duly integrated, therefore resulting in this week’s 5-day task and Shield fiasco): more of our new recruits are going f2p, and we encourage them to do so due to the company’s insistence in sticking to its documented philosophy.

Company happy with its philosophy, new customers not frustrated by misplaced expectations: win-win?
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If you make a product the customer does not care for and the customer complains about said product it’s not bullying. The customer is what keeps the lights on. Thank goodness they care enough to complain. When they stop complaining because they have had it is when I would start to worry. Hopefully the issue of multi day tasks gets resolved because a happy customer is more desired than a fired up one or at least it should be.


In case this is in reference to me using the word bullying, I was referring to a quote about yelling at Salty, calling her names, and abusing her.

Complaining is fine. I am doing that too.


So to enjoy a game, you don’t play it. That’s reassuring.

So you play less than them AND you’re telling people not to play the game. That’s also reassuring.

I have no idea how they’re supposed to make Campaigns better if everyone’s reaction is to not play it and didn’t bother to state why they don’t want to play it. The devs would learn nothing to improve the experience. If no one said anything, they’d just assume everything is fine as is. Because even if you aren’t playing it, others are.


Did anyone bring up the apparent ninja edit from 2 days to 3 days during the stream? Or are we also to believe that RNG is to blame for it?
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Ah, no, I forgot to ask about the increase to 3 days specifically. :sob:

I think there are several issues. 1, having two time gated tasks the same week. 2, having long time gated tasks in the last week. 3, increasing a time gated task from 2 to 3 days.

The RNG comment is just about #1 and #2.

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The 3 day Adventure Board task isn’t new.

We just haven’t saw it since week 1 so I never bothered coming back to the thread. I unfortunately assumed common sense came through the past 8 weeks. Turns out the RNG was just on a “lucky streak”.


“You” doed not refer to anybody in particular, it’s a generalized “you” for entities stepping on the same rakes time and time again when all it takes is few minutes of work to end up with ten content customers and one angry comment instead of other way round - one content customer and ten angry comments.

Sometimes you can’t help wondering if they actually prefer latter case to be the default.

I never said I don’t play the game. I stated I don’t play the campaign. I simply say if you don’t like that aspect of the game then don’t bother with it.

What I find funny is the people who continue to bother with the campaign or any aspect of the game for that matter even though they constantly whine about it and even pay for it. Now, don’t get me wrong, if you enjoy that aspect then by all means pay for it and play it. But if your going to be dumb enough to pay for something you don’t want or even like then it’s a you problem not a developer problem. If you don’t like the campaign then don’t pay for it. Simple as that. Developers would notice if there’s money missing but they would laugh their butts off at the guys that paid for it consistently and yet whine about it. I would. I say vote with your wallet. It’s obvious complaining here isn’t working for those guys so just stop playing the game and I can guarantee the developers will notice.


Y’all ignoring the message!

The campaign is ending! Best news ever … wait what do you mean there’s another one afterwards FML.


If RNG is dictating the tasks, it should be relatively simple to code in some logic that prevents both the Adventure Board and Dungeon tasks (and any other tasks requiring multiple days) from appearing during the same week. I don’t mind one of them appearing in a given week, but when both appear in the same week it can be really easy to accidentally lock yourself out of completing the campaign tasks and fall behind unless you pay crystals. Especially when it happens during the last week of the campaign and you cannot catch up the following week. I doubt most of the player base is looking at the full campaign task list at the start of each week, so many players will inevitably fall a day or two behind because they completed a Dungeon/Adventure Board before the campaign task appeared.

I know this will sound unbelievable to most of the forum regulars, but let’s say someone on this last campaign week fell behind and is trying to catch up from, say, week 7. It’s literally impossible for them to complete all the tasks unless they pay crystals to skip a few Adventure Board or Dungeon tasks.